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Hello everyone!

I submitted my first social media strategy to a local golf course.
I was soooo nervous. I honestly felt sick.... I was afraid of not being "good enough"...

He writes back - he is SO impressed and exciting for our meeting on Tuesday.
We are having a 2-hour implementation/training session. We are focusing on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube. They have all three but not enough followers.

I was sooo relieved to hear that he was impressed... I mean, I know that I'm "good"...but I was afraid he'd find my strategy really simple!

So now here's my REAL QUESTION: how do I upsell? How do I turn this in monthly recurring income?
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    I would say right off the batt:

    1. You probably already want to provide him with monthly marketing results that can be channeled into next months strategy.
    2. Reputation Management support - providing watch/listen for all the comments.
    3. Ongoing support and maintenance to fresh content including header/banners and other feed details.

    In any project lifecycle you have an ongoing maintenance, which is simply the testing process and all other processes created that go on and on month after month. Nothing on the internet is static. Also, with so much data coming in, you will be creating project/phase 2,3,4, etc.

    So for ongoing residual - that would be an easy start. I am sure enough everyone else on here has more suggestions, but that would be a good easy start to justify $400 a month.
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    I setup my services as ongoing from the start, it's not a hard sell especially with social media because it's more than just setting up the flow, there is a lot of maintenance and things are constantly changing online. So I would focus on relieving him of the time sucking task of handling his social media so he can focus on what he does best which is run his business.

    I've heard people make businesses commit for 6 months to a year or more and then like myself I give them the freedom of month to month. Of course the customers I take on I already know and I am usually one of their customers too so there is a mutual trust there.

    You can always upsell by offering to optimize and/or build their website, you can offer to make posts for them, email marketing / newsletters or QR codes, etc. I've seen social media packages put together that were priced by how many new followers, etc would be added each month.

    Listen to what the guy wants offer something you know you can over-deliver on but make him aware of the other options (upsell possibilities) that he may want to add on now or later.

    Good luck to you, let us know how it goes
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