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Hi Warriors,

As a favor to a friend, I've setup a lead generation site in the real estate market. The site captures the details of people who are interested to buy property in a certain city. The site brings in an average of 2 leads per day on autopilot from free traffic, if they have gone through the process, they are HOT. The idea was to sell these leads to a local real estate agent or to lease the site to one.

My friend has gone awol on the project and I have no desire to sell leads or collect rent. What do you think will be a fair price to sell this lead generator to a real estate agent in that city? Of course I can send the leads from the previous couple of days to back up what I am trying to sell, I just want to get some opinions on what this might be worth?

I am thinking $10 a lead x 2 per day = $20 x 30 (days in a monty) = $600 x 3 (months of profit) = $1800.

Thoughts? Suggestions?



PS: The leads are real people looking to buy real estate, one sale will pay for the lead generator many times over.
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    Why sell an asset you have? Send out some emails to local agents, just let them know you sent the same email to their competition. Then simply put them on a paypal autosubscribe payment so you don't have to chase them down. Log all the agents that are interested and if one backs out you have a waiting list. I would first off find out how much agents pay for leads in that area. Then price accordingly.

    However if you find a lead is worth say.. $25each ($1500 monthly) then you have a selling point and can show they are getting a discount of $600 (disount of $900) for 3 months and then you will reevaluate the deal. In the meantime you can funnel more money into the site to get more leads and raise the price after 3 months and get social and analytical proof.

    Just my thoughts
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    You could use this site as an example to show other real estate agents in other cities.
    Put an ad in the major classified sites. Make a quick video and upload to youtube. It is reachable to have 6-7 places on the first page for your keyword.

    Show these results to the next city and some will say yes on the strength of your example. You make a sale without doing any work. (besides the initial set up of course)


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    There is real potential here - I wouldn't let it go yet! Why be lazy?
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    Guys, for how much would you sell a limo lead gen site wich is averaging 7 calls nad 3 email quotes /month?

    I have no signature.

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    What was the outcome of this Sam? I'm pretty interested as I see you're based in South Africa too.
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      Hi Marcel,

      When I offer leads to a company and they refuse them I ask them for some info like

      How many quotes to you do before you get a job
      How much profit is in a job

      From here I can work out how much a lead is worth. For example, with a certain type of fencing I know they get 1 job for every 4-5 quotes and they profit an "average" $1800 per job so each lead is worth $300-$450 to the company.

      I know this doesn't help you with a "sale" price but perhaps you could work out similar figures for limo's and work from there.

      PS: I love that template you showed me. I am working on something now and will be in touch.
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