What do you think of this opener for an internet marketing service?

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This is Bill, I'm an internet marketing guy here in Bakersfield. I'm calling today to try and drum up more business for both of us. Basically what I do is help people find your company on Google. When they type in "plumbers in Bakersfield" your company name will be on top of the first page. Then I also get you on the front page of Yahoo and Bing, then make sure you have a big presence on Facebook and Twitter. Once this is all in place you will be amazed at how fast new business will come in.

How much business are you getting off the internet right now?

I'm rackin' my brain here! This is inspired by JD's script.... Any suggestions or input is appreciated.
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    We all have different ways of going about things. This is probably how I'd do it:

    Hello. My name's Bill and I'm calling because you aren't getting all the customers you could be. SLIGHT PAUSE FOR THEM TO TAKE IT IN. JUST HALF A SECOND. I specialise in finding customers for business owners like you. My job is to make sure that customers in Bakersfield, who search online for plumbers, find your name before any other plumbers. I also have other marketing strategies using social media and it's all designed to get you more customers.

    I can help you to beat your competitors to the draw.

    Are you getting much business from the internet at present and do you want more?
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      Nice short and to the point elevator speech folks. I will try this out with a liitle adaptation.

      Originally Posted by Jason Kanigan View Post

      Hop on over to JD's TheTelemarketingForum and check this script out.
      Hey Jason you are pretty good at providing these types of helpful link. Thanks

      Would love to know what you use to stay so well organised with links like this at your fingertips.
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