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Hi wariors,
this is my first post on this section
am an affiliate marketer but something has comeup offline and i think this is a line that I can consider..

A friend of mine invited me to their company to train their Marketing staff how to go online and make use of their presence on the web..

from your experience.. what topics do you think I should cover and what resources can you recommend?
I need your help.. I've four days to prepare for the training from 9 to 5
as the only trainer.. looks like I'll need loads of content..

your assistance will be highly appreciated.
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    It totally depends on you. What topic you are comfortable in, what topic you can respond if you have any cross question. What is there requirement and make some presentation or have some tutorials so that the person is always keen to know more.
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    What kind of business do they have? A little more detail and we should be able to give you some solid advice on what types of things their "Marketing" staff can do...... Worst case scenario, they could always just hire you to do their marketing
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      As others have mentioned it depends on the type of company and what they're selling.

      Are they service or product oriented?
      Local, regional, or national?
      What type of margins?

      Tell us a bit more and we can give you better tailored advice.
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    Presuming theyll be representing the company in all this, set up their Linked In accounts fully, including listing them on the companies pages, teach them how to represent the company responsibly and effectively online, get the companies values, mottoes etc and ensure theyre embraced on all SM content, how can they promo the company/ products, how can they respond to industry/ comapny specific questions, what do they do hwen theres customer feedback (good and bad) , how will they notice cross selling opportunites and how do they ensure theyre dealt with as effectively as possible .

    And thats just Linked In , potential couple important interactive hours there already


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    I have been training companies for a few years now. I treat them just like any other Offline Client. I have a discovery meeting, find out what they are doing, doing well or not performing at all. Then I tailor a solution to their problems with a training plan to their marketing departments.
    So, every training is different depending on clients needs. What I cover mostly is Social Media, PPC, Blogging, Video Marketing and Press Release Marketing.

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    I've done a lot of presentations and trainings in corporate sales and here is a tip that worked for me.


    Send a questionnaire in advance of the training to gain a better understanding of what the Marketing Department needs?

    Find out why this training is important to them and what they hope to achieve. You preface the questionnaire with:

    In order to save time and focus on what you want to accomplish in the 8 hour period, please complete this questionnaire and return to me by__________(this date you put in your email should be 24-48 hours before the training)

    Then based on the answers the necessary resources will be easy to find.

    This shows you are a pro, respect their time and the person in charge won't be nervous about if this is going to end up being a waste of time.

    With this info, on training day you can tell them you are going to hit these hot points.

    You will have their undivided attention because what you are showing on that day will help them do their jobs better.

    Only cover what they need at first then if time permits toward the end of the day you can fill in the gap with some extras.

    Example, don't go over everything! Focus on what they want to and need to know first then add some other stuff if you know it will benefit them.

    You help them do their job better and get upper management of their backs…… you can call and comeback anytime to sell the something!

    I like working with Marketing because they understand data. Once you get the questionnaire back, search the internet for trade magazines you can site when you start your training. They will know you did your research and understand their industry and as a result, trust you.
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    One of my firms specialises in training companys and their employees. It's really the same process as when dealing with your other Offline Clients. We gauge where they are struggling, and also find out what ambitions they have as a company. We then create a bespoke solution to their problem and structure our training plan around that.
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    Depends on their market.

    I spend nearly 100% of my time and effort consulting with corporate clients, but I only work with a specific profile of company. It's not possible to be a genuine expert in all aspects of marketing to be effective in working with any and all kinds of business client.

    My focus is technology companies in the $5-100 million range. Generally they're B2B and have a complex sale.

    I am also working with a lot of smaller service providers and professionals who also have a bit of a complex sale environment. I am not a B2C product marketer. Couldn't begin to tell you a single thing about effective store shelf product placement or in-store merchandising optimization.
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    First you need to have an E-commerce website to be able to sell them, second you should have a niche market which stands out from other competitors, last you need to have a merchant account to be able to receive payments online
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