After 1 Year Of Reading Warrior Forum I Took Action.

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Hi Fellow Warriors.

For the past week and a half I have been reflecting on my financial situation and came to realisation that sitting in the house all day will not solve anything. So, i decided to start a web design business.

3 Days ago, i went into town to print a few flyers and head to some local businesses.

Day 1: Asked one business manager if they needed a website. She said her boss' son did the company's website however I left my flyer with here. As I walked out i apologised for the quality of the flyer. Her response: ROME WAS NOT BUILT IN A DAY.

Day 2: Approached 2 Businesses: Down the road their is a community group that my sister's friend's father runs. I walk in there and say I am designing websites for business and organisations. Their response: They do need a website for their organisation.

As I leave their premises, i walked past a house that is about 7 doors away from my home. From what i know they owner of the house is quite involved in the church and i see him outside. I approach him and tell him what i do. His response: They do need a website for their church and are in the process of finding one.. I give my details.

Day 3: I approach my old kindergarten and mention what i do. At the moment they do not have a website but do need one although they are a non-profit community group.

The point I want to make is that Action is the Key to Progress. These were Non-Profit Orgs, what's going to happen when i approach for profit businesses?

Thanks to the offline community for your inspiration, especially John Durham, Martin Buckley and Iamnameless.
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    Day 3: I approach my old kindergarten and mention what i do. At the moment they do not have a website but do need one although they are a non-profit community group.
    Go back and donate your talent and effort to the school or church if they are affiliated with one.

    Rome wasn't build in a day but now you've started the first day!

    Keep going man and just talk to people, you'll get sales and you're network automatically grows.
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    Well done and keep doing more of what works for you.

    Focus on the client always and what PROBLEMS you can solve as opposed to getting caught up in technology.

    Nobody buys technology.

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    Good Going My friend Its really a effort that open the doors of success for must always be on the positive note even if you are on the failing note the day will certainly come with success in hands.
    Served Over 100 customers and there needs with Web and Mobile Apps Development, if you are looking for one please connect with me with good turnaround.
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    Great keep it up with same passion.
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    Here is my advice from my experience and I'm still doing now.
    I set a contract for a free website design telling org that because they are helping other, I do it free, they only need to pay hosting fees and domain name.
    What you benefit from giving away your work:
    1- client for hosting if you have a reseller account or get affiliate comission.
    2- Domain name (go to the cheapest, company name + coupon code can reg for $5.00/y) You charge full by adding in hosting reseller fees or if affiliate com from host like you make a screenshot of the domain registration company with full reg price.

    So you need to give them an invoice.

    The best part is that the contract says that you can put a small banner on homepage and link url on footer (design by .....)

    I'm doing this for many org sites that have potential customers as members like th Rotary Club, Lion's... You will be invited by the president and will face to face with these person at their meetings for sure. Discussion is great and many are business owners so get ready to bring your biz card, they might need you for a website, seo....
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    Yes, a good idea would be to offer your services to these first customers. That would be a good way to create your initial portfolio.
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    Good! You've just taken a step that 80% of people wont.

    Remember, you won't ever see results without action.
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    Great discovery! Yes, there are people out there wanting what you can bring to them!

    In fact, over time, you'll begin to realize "The money was out there, waiting for you all the time."

    Business, as you have found out, is uncovered by the simple act of talking to people with a purpose. I look forward to reading about your first sale.
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    Well done mate for having the guts to out there and sell yourself!

    Door to door is the best way to market yourself....we should all do it and it's great exercise too. lol

    I having been thinking about this for a while but haven't taken action yet. I think I am going to start devoting at least one day a week going to businesses face to face.
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