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Hey guys recently I started a web design biz but this time I actually came up with a solid plan and I am 100% ready. I actually am getting my site created right now and I have a few questions.

I want to offer different website design packages.
I am not sure where to start.

I recently put a 50% commission telemarketer post on odesk and got a lot of responses and have about 5 solid telemarketers who will do calls to our leads.

Right now our leads consist of a simple yellowpages scraper which scrapes leads based on location and industry. Then i go and take all the leads who it says dont have a website listed. (when making calls some of the businesses actually do have websites).

So since im paying 50% of the profits I am not sure what kind of packages to sell.

I was thinking packages starting @ $500 but then profit is minimal since I need to pay for the site to be created and then give 50% of the profits away.

Do you think selling package starting @ $1,000 is reasonable as long as I add some more value?

These might dcome off as stupid questions but I am just looking for a little advice and experience anyone might have.

Also, I was thinking of having my site be these pages: Home, Packages, portfolio, contact us.

Any recommendations or tips anyone has for a web design business all together would be great!

thanks, Connor.
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    Personally, I would begin charging using the following formula

    (Projected Time Spent * Desired Pay Per Hour) + (Cost to develop site + Transactional Cost) = Total Cost

    Most of the sites I have been developing for other clients cost at least $2200. Also, remember that depending on the niche you choose, you'll be able to charge more.

    If you target lawyers, they will have deeper pockets to spend on marketing due to the fact that each client they receive may be worth $5,000 +. On the other hand, if you are dealing with a local ice cream store, each client may only be worth $8 to them which means their pockets will be much lower for them to spend in advertising.
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    I like to offer three choices.

    1) the lowest price I'll take, but not leave empty-handed.
    2) the price I really want.
    3) the higher price for the guy who wants the very best.


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    Thank you both for the tips!
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    Different companies follow different pricing models while charging for their services . Same With Customers , Different Peoples have Different Requirement to implement with their website Some Goes with Small business websites Some for large , Few Wants to Add for More Features And Others for Less featured . So go for A company that Offers Packages with varied requirement . To knew Full about Web Design Pricing Model Go through Slide .
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    You could really charge so much more.

    To say, a pizzeria owner yes, a $500 difference in pricing might be a lot. It takes them time to recover that amount. For lawyers/attorneys, not so much.

    I would explain that logic in full detail, but honestly there's already a thread so I won't take a huge post here.


    Hope that helps.
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        I agree with morales. I was "selling"websites for $800 last year, and I didn't have any takers. Now all of a sudden I'm selling my sites for an average of $3,500 and I don't get a quibble from owners.

        One suggestion I have is to build the value in the different features of the website. (Example - hey mr owner, you also have an automatic rotating testimonial section on the homepage - this builds your credibility with your website visitors and publicly shows why you are the best dentist to to do business with)

        Show do some keyword research and tell them "Mr owner I know for a fact - that there are 170 people search for dentists in the Houston tx area. You're missing out on millions of dollars of business because you don't have a professional website. Of course your competitors are happy because they're capitalizing on your absence. I'm giving you a chance to DO something about that. Will you be placing a deposit with a credit card or a check?"
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