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Hey warriors, I have decided to give up my dreams of internet marketing since recently finding out I have begun to fail university due to lack of concentration on study!

I have one question, I have decided to go out with one final HOORAH!!

I have set my website up and am leaving it this week for one month before closing it down, in this time I would like to as many people as possible to view it!

I have emailed it to my subscription list but at this stage thats the best I can do!

The website is A cent for a laugh

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    Don't give up man! I had a rough time as well starting off , but literally I hit the gold mine this past week.
    I think you need to focus on balancing the two. University is important, but you have to have a balance of education, IM, and most importantly a social life. It can work and there are thousands of people doing it every day. Just find balance!!!
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      I agree . Don't give up!!! Your success is just one step away from your failure.

      PS. By the way him77, congrats on your success. Mind sharing what goldmine you found???

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    Man I've been reading and learning stuff for almost a year now and haven't produced anything that significant but I won't give up. I know I have the knowladge and now I have the mentality to take action too! I know you can do it too!
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    Looks to me you never got into it... either that or you never really learned anything.
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      I donated 30 seconds + to a page view and reading that mess. Can I get a refund?

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        Hey William....the world is FULL of...."educated idiots"!

        Get your Degree sure....BUT....the TIME you spend on "Learning How To SELL and MARKET...stuff"....is worth FAR MORE than your "SheepSkin"!

        When I got out of college (Northwestern Univ in Evanston, ILL...electrical engineering) I went to work for General Electric and 2wks into the "job" I found I had replaced a guy who was..."Just About Ready To Retire"!

        They FIRED HIM....just before his vested retirement rights were to set in!

        I WAS THE REPLACEMENT....at HALF the price they were paying him!

        So....I told my wife that I WAS NOT GOING TO SPEND 29 1/2 YRS WITH A CO THAT WOULD TREAT ANYONE LIKE THAT. So....for the next 6 mos I devoted EVERY WAKING MINUTE to ....FINDING A BUSINESS I COULD START.

        I found a New Type of "Home Burglar Alarm".....borrowed $6,000 from my dad and proceeded to create a VERY PROSPEROUS "Burglar ALarm Co" (SECURITRONICS CORP) Built it up to 17 employees and sold it 8 yrs later for a HEFTY GOOD SUM!

        So....my advice is...."FIND SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE WANT....THEN.... SELL IT TO THEM!"

        Don Alm....been "sellin' stuff ALL my life"!
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    Yeah don't look at it like you are a complete failure at business and school - but an opportunity to actually commit to one thing and at least make it to a mediocre level. Hooray for new beginnings!
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    If you have been dedicating all your time to IM and the best you can come up with is online begging (it has been done before, and done better) then maybe it is time you gave it a rest for a while. Sorry if this sounds harsh, but their are so many legitimate business opportunities out there, and doing something like this just looks like you expect to sit back and watch the cash roll in, which is not how business works.

    If you have tried and failed before, then try again, and use those lessons Life is full of failures, learn to appreciate their value.

    If you enjoy your degree, then keep going with it, but there is no reason you can't do both if you are disciplined with your time management.
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    As what others have already said, don't give up! Running a business, on-line or off-line, has been done with a ton of trials and errors. Maybe you have gotten a lot of disappointments but these will let you do some thinking on what you may be doing wrong. If you need to focus more on your studies then, in my opinion, you can get into that first. Take the time off from Internet marketing and get back when everything is OK again.

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      Do you think he will really close his site? Me thinks he wanted some hits on it...
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    I think you should keep at it at least part time - 5, 10 hours a week learning. Put a cap on it so it doesn't interfere with your studies. I can't imagine University takes up 100% of your time, there's always an achievable balance.
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