Does anyone have experience with having a website taken down?

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one of our competitors launched a website that is dedicated to spreading lies about our company. We sent them a C&D which they ignored. They ended up adding to it in retaliation and spending lots of money promoting it. Short of spending thousands on suing them, I'm curious if there is a precedent for a domain host removing a website that is in violation of trade laws.

has anyone else done this or heard of this happening?
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    Trade laws? The first thing you need to do is really examine whether what they are doing is illegal, or just hurting your feelings.

    Are they violating trade mark laws? If so, how?
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    I guess that would be libel, IF the "lies" are really lies.

    In order to win a suit though you have to obviously prove that the libel was about your company, that it was truly defamatory (using testimony of someone other than your company and I believe your companies representatives); that it was published publicly (easy one)

    and finally, that you suffered some sort of injury as a result of the libel. That's the hardest one to prove because you have to be able to show you lost sales because of it. And unless you know how many people are viewing the site It would be difficult.

    Besides a law suit a web host will not take down a website unless they are ordered to by a court. They aren't in the legal judgement business they are in the web hosting business. Just because what they did wasn't nice they don't make legal judgements like that.
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    You would be faced with alot of red tape trying to get this website taken down and I do mean ALOT. Not to mention lawyer fees etc.

    Have you ever looked into ORM (Online Reputation Management). I have several employees that specialise in this field.

    Shoot me a PM so we can discuss it further.
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