How Much Do You Charge?

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I have not done nor have I offered SEO in a looooong time.

I had someone randomly hit me up on FB and ask how much to get site X ranked for 2 3 keywords and phrases in X city.

How much should I charge?

This is not a friend so I dont have to do any mates rates and I wont be doing the work myself either. I suppose that brings up a good point of charging more than what I will pay the white label dudes.

Any what and or how do you charge?
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    It really depends on the competition of the keyword. For some keywords, you will need 20-30 good backlinks to get in top of search ranking others may need hundreds and I think you know all these better than me .
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    Charge whatever you want. Payment is only compensation for the amount of work you put in. So however valuable you feel your work will be to this person, set your price according to that.

    I routinely have my team charge £1000 and upwards for even the slightest touch of SEO work and that's just the upfront fee. Even if your prospect can't pay such a steep price, you can always negotiate a deal that will workout pretty well for the both of you.
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    There's a lot that goes into figuring the price for SEO services. As mentioned above, you have to take the competition for the keyword into consideration and how much time you're investing in it. Since you said you've been out of the SEO game for a little bit a great option would be to outsource the work and just markup the price for your client and keep the difference as profit.
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    Follow this path.

    Just take the references to mobile sites out. I'm sure you'll see the math and how it works.

    Get the prospect to tell you how much revenue they think they'll get from their work, and take a % of that as your payment.
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