Just bought some domains, about to write up flyers now

by zapple
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Hey everyone,

I just purchased some domain names which are forwards of clickbank products. I believe I picked some catchy urls. My printer is at a friend's house and it being so early in the night, I'm going to use pencil and paper and write up a lot of notes on pieces of yellow paper. Then I'm going to walk around an apartment complex (a semi-affluent one to say the least) to try to market a making money online product.

I'll let you guys know how it goes and update with some pictures. The domain I'm going to be using cost $10.
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    I'm also going to do this at various locations during the day using different, more related items to the local. I have a fitness product for this.
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      And with a stack of 23 small yellow notes I put pants on and head out the door.

      I'm hoping for at least a 5% conversion for this $100 product.

      (If a mod could approve me to post pics I would gladly, thanks)

      EDIT: 3:30am...

      Just got back. It was a nice exercise as well. I tried to target nicer cars in spots where the owner would probably return Monday morning and didn't look unused or too dirty. Let's see some hops!

      This made me want to print out thousands of these and just blast them all over during this hour...
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