What do you all think about my Phase 1 Sales Strategy??

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Hello fellow Warriors! I have formulated my own personal sales plan and I have already started to implement it as of today. My office (garage)is set, My lead sheet (Google, Yelp, Chamber Of Commerce Business Directory) is generated. My phone is at the ready and i am conducting research on successful methods. My Goal: 37 clients in 6 months. Yes, I am new here and very excited to be a part of this community. Please feel free to add whatever helpful hint or comments you like. I have only one request: be constructive!

Week one:

Phone Calls from 7:30-10:30 am. Use Jason Kanigan, John Durham, scottgallagher, & iAmNameLess's advice on cold calling techniques. No Fear

10:30-12:00 Data Entry & research. Love it or die.

12:-1:00 lunch and laughing at Text From Dog

1:00-6:00 Tech time (Design, Site Building, SEO, data entry, research etc. If none of these apply, more phone calls). End Day. Family time. Repeat.

I am no longer burdened with the fear of loosing clients based on high price tags, I'm worth it when the numbers are crunched. Also working on sales model that includes quantity by making templates for the low end, bare bones clients but I am focusing on qualified candidates, I.E. people who, want, need and can afford my services. If I cannot do what they request, tech wise, I will find someone who does and outsource it as long as I fetch a proper paycheck for the job. I will make this project fit my meager budget!!!

Note: 3rd meeting went well, but I did not close. I dangled a carrot with a discount because I need the money bad, and an in with the Chamber of Commerce. I figure I can try my cheap template out with him, use a directory and test the waters. This will give me 2 clients total. I need more and I shall find them. I'll play the numbers game. I am quite exited! I plan to check in at least once a day and give my report! Feel free to share success stories here and I will do the same. Happy hunting warriors!
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    I am bemused by the 37. Any particular reason for that number?

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      Originally Posted by jimbo13 View Post

      I am bemused by the 37. Any particular reason for that number?

      its roughly half of 75, which is the combined goal of me and my partner and seems like a reasonable and attainable number fo the first stage of my marketing strategy and fits my technological limitations. I am hand dialing, and building sites, managing projects and raising my daughter as a single father so i have some obstacles and challenges. its roughly 6 clients a month. if i cant land that, i am doing something wrong and need to adjust my strategy.
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    Pick one style and stick with it.

    Don't offer discounts. Find out the budget beforehand and qualify your prospect In or Out based on that.

    "Is there anything on your radar that would have to be taken care of in order for us to get started today?"
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      Well Good Luck then. Just thought it was an odd number. Literally!

      And look. One of your quoted experts has given you some expert advice to boot.

      Good Omen!

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    10:30 to 12:00 is prime time selling hours. You may want to consider moving Data Entry and research to late afternoon.
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