Pay per lead model - How to?

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I started working on a local directory and I am considering to monetize it with premium listings and some banner ads.

It came to my mind that the businesses I will be contacting may want a "pay per lead" model to be listed on the directory and this is where I need some advice from fellow offline warriors.

I never worked with the "pay per lead" model and I don't want my directory to be based on it but I don't want to lose any business if they want this model.

I know how pay per lead system works in theory but I have no idea how it works technically, i.e. how to track the leads, any templates?

Any info on the topic will be greatly appreciated.

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    WOW, no one answered this? This is a great question and I am trying to find an answer too.

    I just landed a client for a website that gets around 40 calls per month and we agreed at $10 per call.

    Currently I am using google voice to track the calls. I search and filter out spam calls, and repeat numbers.

    I looked for something on the net that would help make it a bit more professional and found this site. ImpactRadius

    If someone knows something better please let us know. It seams no one is discussing how to do this correctly.
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    What I use in my lead generation sites for customers is a service called "Call Fire"

    one time payment of $3/local phone number + number of call (very affordable)

    Why Use It:
    It's very affordable, it forwards the calls from the leads to your customer, you can see the call history and download it. But here is the big one for me, It records the call with a disclaimer and you can listen to the recorded call or download the audio file.

    I have never worked a directory site with a pay-per-lead model. You might be complicating it a bit this way.
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      I think this is a great idea Nail, and something I am trying to implement on a couple of my home services directories. Am trying to find a CallFire or Twilio plugin for WP so I can generate toll free numbers for each of my better trafficked listings that haven't been claimed by the company, collect leads and call to offer them to service companies in their area . Anybody have any lead on such a plugin?? I can do it manually but a plugin could harness the traffic more effectively...


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        I'm thinking of buying this software called analytic call tracking. It uses twilio and looks pretty sweet for $100.
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          Just on a lark I bought WP Call Directory - Twilio WP was just 9 dollars so thought I would give it a flyer....

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    Are you certain that the people you talked to are not simply trying to get a better deal for themselves? Unless it is in your favor, I would not complicate things. Big ticket items, such as roofing installations are one thing, but Small ticket items are another. Then you have to worry about how well the business can close.

    Try, ' I have found that it is in the best interest of my clients to pay a flat fee and reap all the rewards of the leads we generated. I would rather you focus on what you do best, let me do what I do best and not worry about complicating things with tracking, extra meetings, extra checks to pay etc....'
    95% of IM'ers have great relationships with clients who also advertise offline and with other people. Stop missing out on that cash and leverage into it. PM me if you are an established marketer and want to find out how.
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    One thing you might want to try is pay per call. There are service providers you can partner with for the technology.
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    Just found the service I have been looking for. Its called salesportal.

    I registered and still waiting for approval. What it seems to be is a service that will connect you with clients who are looking for leads or you can search their database for clients who are bidding for leads in certain niches.

    I am hoping I can use it to connect me and my clients and have an automated way to collect the money per call. From reading their website it seems that salesportal will collect from the client and pay me after they take their share off the top, of course. This would simplify things a great deal. Still not sure about this though.

    I will update you as soon as I find out for sure.
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    I think I've come across somebody else's service in the Warriors For Hire section that offer a 'pay per lead' type of business. Perhaps, you may touch-base with that service provider?
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    I've always used Google Voice for tracking calls, because of how simple it is. You set up an account for a client, calls get transferred, and you bill them at the end of the month. These services all look very interesting, will have to take a closer look.
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    Update: SalesPortal is for call centers only. Its not going to work for what we want to do.
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