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by him77
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Is there any other monthly services outside of the ones listed below that you offer on a recurring basis? I'm trying to compete with a major firm in my city and they offer the following: (I want to offer something outside of this, but it seems like they do everything..I came here to see if anyone had any ideas)

They Offer:
Social Campaigns
Customer Referrals
Email & Text
Past Due Reminders
Appointment Confirmations
Satisfaction Surveys
Management System Sync
Certified Reviews
Review Management
Reputation Builder
Business Profile
Content Syndication
Social Strategy
Local Marketing
Targeted Offers
Business Directory
Search Ranking
Integrated Scheduling
Mobile Design
Fan Page Design
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    Can anyone suggest anything?
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    You could offer them to come over and give them a massage!
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      A major firm may offer "everything" but your prospect doesn't need everything.

      You need to find out what is "most important" to them first, then go from there.

      If its a major firm with local office and you are a local business, you can sell the intangibles such as being "local" therefore more responsive not just an account number, can respond quicker and you can sell the "you are a small fish in the big pond" to that big company but " a big fish to me" because like you, I'm a local business trying to serve our community, etc.

      Hope that helps.
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    I dont see the problem here. You can outsource everything on that list with minimal difficulty. and it doesn't matter if you offer something "different" than they do because I'm sure that every prospect in your city isnt in this company's clientele.

    Prospects are everywhere, all you need to do is turn them into your own paying clients. You may be intimidated by the huge list of services this company offers, but that is all that meets the eye. You don't know if they actually have any clients at all. You dont know if this is just a kid in his mothers basement who can barely afford to pay the hosting fee's to keep his website running.

    Having a huge list of services is just a way to cast your net wide and make sure that for what ever need a prospect may have, you have the solution. This is something alot of people do. 'If they don't need a website I bet they need SEO or PPC or whatever'.. This is just logical thinking

    No matter what someone comes to you for, if you can't do it yourself you can always find someone who can. The limits you have are only the ones you set yourself.

    Don't worry about what every other company is doing, if I did that I wouldnt be where I am today. and If you keep doing that you wont be getting anywhere fast.

    Cast your net wide. Add every service you can think of to your arsenal.

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