Restaurants, Direct Mail and a Nice Business Model, Oh My!

by laird
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Was talking to the manager of a chinese restaurant over lunch today and found out she's partnered up with a company that provides two services for them:

1) Direct Mail - sends their menu bi-folded to neighborhood residents for .25 each printing and postage included, minimum run of 2,500 pieces. (She typically does 5,000-10,000 pieces per month.)

2) Online Menu, Ordering and Ticketing system. Basically a glorified shopping cart which runs the credit card of the customer and sends the order to the restaurant. (The company offers two options - email delivery or email delivery tied to a thermal printer in-restaurant.) She pays a flat .99 per order processed this way.

The company in question (Zonic) works with lots of automotive and restaurants nationwide. I don't see the profit margin in (1) for them given the cost of printing and EDMM however, in (2), I see how they're making a killing copying the ebay transactional-model.

The restaurant manager said they process 20-45 orders through the system per night (which gives them sizable incremental "delivery" business). Zonic earns around $610/month offering this service to her.

Food for thought.

Oh - and I closed a sale on the spot for Reputation Management services, an area she had no plan around nor time to handle herself.
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