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I was reading on some offline marketing strategies and I had a realization... Though we all run an online business, we are still part of our community of local business owners. Online marketers need to embrace this community network and possibly do partnerships with other local business owners to promote their services as an attempt to utilize a new customer base. I have been doing online customer support for 7 years, and I was wondering, are there local business owners out there that have a web presence and offer their services online? If so, do they need help with there customer base online? Is there a possibility here to share my services with local business owners to also help them stream line their online sector? Also as a side note, imagine the potential list building that could occur in fresh markets. What are your thoughts on this approach? Any input recommendations or hesitations about this technique? Have any of you tried to utilize local business owners and their customer base? What were the results.
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    Sara, I think it depends on your business but I agree that many online businesses are missing a great opportunity if they ignore their local business community. For one thing, word of mouth advertising is much more effective in person. Getting a good local client is more likely to result in a referral to another client.

    It won't work for every type of online service business, but it should certainly be considered.
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    Any intelligently targeted networking is good business. The Internet simply expands the scope and speed of business techniques which were developed and in existence before it was. Local businesses today often need help developing or furthering their online presence.

    Visit me at "A New Domain" digital magazine here!

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    Sara, you've nailed a critical point here.

    If I understand you, you currently offer online customer support for online businesses and had a great epiphany that local company may benefit from your online support?

    Local companies have just begun the hybrid approach for local companies.

    A company I founded in 2009, NAPAREX, is a National Same Day Delivery company in the U.S. It was traditionally a complete offline industry. NAPAREX delivered 81,000 packages last year, all from organic SEO efforts.

    It now has an online community and could benefit from your services.

    On the other hand, we just received a delivery from Cardinal (Local office supplies) and they were short a box of paper. I hate the phone, we ordered online from them and need to find their phone number to deal with them, or email which makes for a the waiting game.

    Your time is now. Local Companies now have about 40% of their audience online, at least in the U.S. Local businesses are now engaging online by integrating their menus, calendars, products and education.

    Nice find! Good luck!
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    That's awesome Scott! Thanks for the info, you sure have given me a lot to think about.

    Sara Nightingale
    Customer Service Edge LLC

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    Sara, I don't want to confuse the issue here, but I just had a thought. (that happens once in awhile

    You have been in the support field for awhile. You have knowledge of what works best and how to maximize opportunities to build a business from the support side. If you can develop this service with local businesses on a consistent basis, do you realize how much the rest of us will want your help with our clients or will be asking you to teach us the best way to do this?

    I can see a lot of opportunity here long term for you both in the local sector and online.

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    So very true! That is my mission behind Thatvideomagazine. The platform is ideal for local businesses and digital advertising agencies. Advertising partners also get a wholesale discount which allows them to add our format to their clients campaign and make a profit. Click on the contact link below and review the sidebar on the right, it explains these services.

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