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this is to the warriros who sell sites to small business owners. if a customer doesnt want seo but does want a website do you still sell them a website?

i know that if i build a website and optimise it then a website is worth what i charge, however if a person doesnt want seo then they probobally wont get visitors direct from the website.

so what do you do, make the site and move on or something else?

this is something i have been struggling with.
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    If you have taken the time and educated them, still make the site without SEO. But, don't just move on to something else. Follow up with them. First Followup after 2 weeks, check to see if everything is going okay, ask them how things are going? After 4 weeks bring up SEO, still not interested? after 6 weeks tell them you can get the visitors to their site they need through SEO? Not everyone will buy, but with proper follow up you should convert most of your prospects into SEO clients as well.
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    If they go out of their way to tell them that they don't want SEO, why not make a sale anyway sans SEO? It's their loss. Call them back in a couple months or two to inquire about traffic and let them know that you can target consumers and have customers COME TO THEM through Search Engine Optimization. Might get you to make multiple sales. Just an idea.

    Best of luck!
    "Be the hero of your own movie."
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    you can convince them that search engine is a big bang place and you are no where and no body knows you so your website is useless. Then do tell them the benefits of SEO and PPC.
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    i agree you can't lose the sale, make the website and follow up after a few days.
    they will love you because you did a good job with the site so if you recomen something further they will for sure listen to you
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    Look at it this way...right now your potential client sees you as a salesperson. They obviously have some trust and faith in you or they wouldn't ask for the site. After you build the site for them check back once in awhile to see if they are satisfied with their site or have any issues with it. Don't even try to discuss SEO.

    After some time has passed they will begin to see you as a beneficial contact or even as a business partner of sorts. Their trust level in what you tell them will be higher than right now. At that time they will see your discussion of SEO as an attempt to help improve their business and not as an attempt to just sell them something.

    Handled the right way this can easily be a client of yours for long time.
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    Also don't forget that some small businesses are just happy to have a 'web presence' at least they can put the URL to their new website on their business cards and other forms of advertising and it will make them look more professional.

    They can add a lot more info even on a basic website than they could for example in print advert. They could have a gallery section with samples of their products/work etc that people could check-out.

    So a website could still be useful for them and then as many others have said upsell them if you can later down the track.
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