Can I REALLY Make A Sale And Have Cash Within 3 Days?- Is That Realistic?

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This is a question I get asked all the time. First of all if you were in my telemarketing room, you would HAVE to, in order to keep your job, but working without supervision is different.

So I wanted to paste this here. Its a question someone asked me today and my answer. I felt it was too valuable to leave buried in some thread so I made this one for it. I feel it will help alot of people. Please read, if you are asking that question -JD

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John, I just have to ask, is it really realistic for me to expect at least one sale/lead out of my calls tomorrow, using this method? It's almost too good to hope for. I just can't really wrap my head around the fact that it could really work that well... how confident are you? It's not that I doubt you, it's just... hard to really believe that such a great system could exist. 1 sale/150 calls would be incredible... can't wait to see what happens. If this works, you're going to have one *devout* follower (even though I read most of your stuff anyways ;0 )

Dear HousingS,

I can only answer this one way.

When you read the Great Telemarketing War Report, you are reading a story of a man who had blown all his money and his rent was behind and he knew he had to do something fast.

In his mind he knew that:

A: He was too resourceful to get a JOB.
B: Even if he DID get a job he would have at least two weeks before he got a check
C: He needed money faster than that.
D: He knew that the only way to make it happen was to sell something.

Much like going to a pawn shop, he asked himself "What do I have to sell?".

He asked "What do I ALREADY have that I can leverage to get what I want?

And he looked through his computer and saw his Homestead Webdesign drag and drop program.

1: And he said to himself: "I can design a basic static 5 page website, and it doesnt really cost me anything.

2: I have a phone book and a phone.

3: I can sell, instead of my car or my TV, "a Website".

And he knew that others did it...He had just read how Goerge Wright did it in the "What to do if You're Desperate" thread.

He had read how "Newbies Diary" had done it and went from zero to 60k in one year.

He knew that a few years earlier he himself had even done it, and had broken records with it... but was very rusty, and felt far removed from those successes.

Still he had seen a gazllion newbies do telemarketing rooms years before....

...And again he knew that borrowing money was only a bandaid, and selling your belongings was a losing game...and he knew that any man who really wanted to could sell his way out of trouble.

He knew that maybe it would take a few hundred calls, or that maybe he would get a sale in the first call.

He knew that in that phone book there were at least a few people who could use a decent 5 page website.

So he told his wife "Honey, Im going to lock myself in this room and Im not coming out till I find a person that needs a website".

Note: You dont have to be a salesman, you just have to be "nice" and you just have to "Find a person that needs a website", thats all.

It made sense that those people existed.

So he locked himself in, and he knew that it may not happen the first day, but that there WAS someone who needed a website.

He knew that a job would take two weeks to pay, but that as soon as he landed on that person that needed a website, whether it was today or 3 days from now, he would get a check IMMEDIATELY, and so any way he looked at it, it was a better solution than a job.

And he did just that, he went in and he didnt sell, he just told people "Hey I offer this service", and he knew that it made sense, that if he told enough people that, that someone would oblige.

And they did,

and within 3 days he had set and ran 5 appointments and closed 3 of them.

Some paid more than others, and some had smaller jobs and others larger jobs, one of the clients even wanted two sites and so, needing money, he offered to do both of them at a discount...

He needed money, he didnt really have any major COST, and so he was able to deal with people , even if it was just a couple hundred dollars on a job... and a few days later he had collected thousands of dollars.

That man was "ME".

Now I cant tell you it will be your first call or your first hundred calls...but I can tell you that the people who will say YES "ARE" there, if you commit yourself, not to "selling", but simply to "FINDING" them.

I promise.

I hope this helps.


This is good. Im going to make it its own thread. Thanks for making me write it housing.
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    Thanks, John. Being in a similar situation (nearly broke, but studying abroad in Europe in 1 month) I'm really encouraged by your response. Come 9:30 tomorrow morning, I'm going to be calling up a storm and closing sales!

    Thanks again for your thorough reply.
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      Originally Posted by Housing5 View Post

      Thanks, John. Being in a similar situation (nearly broke, but studying abroad in Europe in 1 month) I'm really encouraged by your response. Come 9:30 tomorrow morning, I'm going to be calling up a storm and closing sales!

      Thanks again for your thorough reply.
      No prob my friend, I enjoyed reliving the memory. Hope it helps. Its there , just "find" it, you dont have to sell, just "treasure hunt"., and you'll find some.

      You will learn how to "sell" along the journey.

      There is a cave not far from me where people have been going to pick and hunt diamonds in the rough for 100 years, and though they are different shapes and sizes, almost every tourist that goes in comes out with "something", even though after 100 years you would think it would be picked clean.

      I watch people pull pounds of gold out of ole mines that are long left and forgotten on TV, ones that were abandoned and thought to be picked clean, left in ruins....

      Dont let people tell you the market is saturated, you just have to be willing to dig . Somewhere in your phone book there are people who need websites, and who are ready to make a move...just waiting for someone like you to call them, you just have to "uncover" them. They are hiding under some page there. Believe me.
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        Originally Posted by John Durham View Post

        Don't let people tell you the market is saturated, you just have to be willing to dig .
        Web design and SEO are like gold mines that produce new gold every day. Companies become unhappy with their websites, or they've started a new company, or they got bought out, or it's a brand new business, or they have a great site but it's not converting, or...or...or...

        Gold just keeps popping up out of those mines, and it's your job to keep your eye (and ears) open for that gold:

        -"We've been thinking of doing something..."
        -"We don't have a site yet..."
        -"Actually we're looking for a web guy..."
        -"I just started a new side business and..."

        Like John said, you just have to keep digging.
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          Originally Posted by somacorellc View Post

          Web design and SEO are like gold mines that produce new gold every day.
          That's one of the things that is really encouraging... when will the market ever become saturated? Unlike niches online, it seems like there will always be room for offline. You'll hit somebody at the right time, on the right day, in the right way. Here's to high hopes for tomorrow. Thanks guys.
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            Originally Posted by Housing5 View Post

            That's one of the things that is really encouraging... when will the market ever become saturated?
            It seems as though it can't become saturated, at least until the internet implodes. Look at what you've got:
            • web
            • fbook
            • twitter
            • youtube
            • pinterest
            • instagram
            • google+
            • google local+
            • seo
            • content generation
            • rep mgmt
            • sms
            • direct mail
            • radio
            • tv
            • logo design
            • and probably 100 more
            Now look at what a typical business owner has time to do or even knows how to do:
            • Run the business
            • Tinker with the website
            • Run a groupon (and lose money on it)
            I'm not saying you have to offer all those things. However, you can probably print that list, throw a dart, and have success offering that service to local business owners all day long.
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              John - Thanks for the quick reply. I posted over on your forum this morning, what happened to the lead generator? Will it be up and running again soon?


              - Josh
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    excellent post as usual John. The phone has always been in my opinion the fastest way to make a sale when you needed one yesterday.
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    Hey John, just reading through your report again, I'm wondering how you transition into selling SEO to the business owners that you are talking to, because it seems the report is more based on just selling a website, but when I'm selling websites, I don't like to do so unless I'm getting paid to do their SEO as well. Not from a selfish perspective, but just from the point of me not wanting to just get build a website for a business, and it serving no purpose whatsoever, like most small business websites do.

    I've sold several websites, mostly from cold walk-ins, but I am going to hit the phones for about 6 hours everyday this week with your script to scrape up some extra cash while I'm setting up my postcard campaign, I just want to build some residual income with a few SEO contracts while I'm at it, so I figure you're the guy to ask for advice.

    Thanks in advance

    - Josh
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    @ Josh,

    Thats because when I was doing that a couple of years ago, I was just selling static I have gotten more into SEO...

    The point that alot of people miss in ALL of my posts is that I use the word "websites" and the principles apply to whatever you sell...I just dont mention seo, and mobile, and sms, and all that because it would be un neccessary.

    On another note, I do encourage people to start out focusing on a single offer, because whether some like to hear it or not, they will get further that way.

    As you talk to people about websites you will naturally get responses like "do you do seo". Also its a good jumping off point to introduce SEO, even better than starting from that point, when someone says they already have a website...

    As I mentioned in the telemarketing report, some jobs were bigger and some smaller, in telemarketing for websites you even come across people who will just pay you a hundred bucks for a small job like ftping some files...

    Many who already have websites also already have seo people, so the best way in my opinion is to just start with your clients from the ground up and locate people who need the very basics, you can upsell as you go or offer different packages that come with different marketing services.

    The principles are all the same for whatever you are selling and you can tke them as I do and sell one thing or another, it doesnt really matter.

    However I am coming out with a pitch book next week that contains specific pitches for eaxch of these things.

    Hope this helps.


    Ps. If you guys will list some pitches you want, I will try to add them to the list of pitches in the book BTW, it wont be done for a couple of days. Right now I have seo, mobile, web design, sms, facebook, and google places...and have a couple more in mind but Im open to suggestions.
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    Hey John,

    That was such a great, inspirational story. You just want to make me get my phone now and start calling anyone and everyone to make some sales. I love these types of stories/case studies. Not only do I learn from it, but I also get inspiration.

    Thank you very much.


    For more of my knowledge, go to my blog at

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    Regarding John's point about a SINGLE offer, this is true in my experience.

    After about 400-500 contacts (actually talking to someone versus a voice mail or dial), I realized I might be confusing suspects concerning my offer.

    Since then I've widened my list but more important targeted my offer to specifically life insurance.

    I've garnered MUCH more interest and conversations leading with ONE product versus multiple ones.
    David Duford -- Providing On-Going, Personalized Mentorship And Training From A Real Final Expense Producer To Agents New To The Final Expense Life Insurance Business.
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    Thanks for ANOTHER inspirational post John, cheers.
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