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Check this graphic out: PPC Ads Account For 64.6% organic only 35.4%

Is SEO Dead?

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    When i see graphics like this all i hear in my head is the quote:

    "67% of all statistics are made up on the spot to support an argument"

    and i just made that up by the way....
    "Reach for the stars - even if you fail, you'll land on top of the world"

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      Great Job on making up statistics.

      However it would make sense because Regular Joe's out there have no Idea that google is sticking PPC on top of the page.
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        The stats just support the company who wants to look after your PPC account. I'd take it with a pinch of salt. A lot of users on this forum would argue that SEO is well and truly alive and kicking.
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          I think it's a mixed bag. There certainly seem to be folks who either advertise on PPC or list in organics but not both. And Google's most recent study shows that when you pause your PPC ad you don't make up the clicks through your organic listing. And certainly, Google's own business model is an incentive for them to push people with commercial intent to the ads and leave the information searchers to the organic results.


          The statistics on people searching for SEO expertise are WAY up, going up by multiples.

          So, like I say, it's a mixed bag.
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    The statistics are a lie and biased.

    But... FFS... let's just all believe SEO is dead and call it a day. Damn... better shut down all clients who want or need SEO. Shame.

    It's all over everyone... close your doors, and move on to the next thing, because this image says its over!!! AAHHHH
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    Looks like a solid infograph complete with recent stats and a welcoming design. Then you reach the call-to-action to try out Wordstream's Adwords tracker product, and realize this entire thing is an advertisement.
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    In my opinion, if you want general search results like "how to weight loss""how to ink a tattoo""best acne cream", then organic SEO is ok. But if you want to reach people who are ready to buy with money in hand .. you need PPC. Google has it all covered. Why do you think they did the Panda and Penguin Updates, it was so organic search results become more general in nature so as not to compete with Adwords.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
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    To make a long rebuttal short, those stats are completely bogus.
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    With Google enforcing Quality Scores, it make perfect sense that Paid Marketing is gaining ground or even passing organic.

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    It clearly shows that this statistic has been created by any of the PPC management company who want you to create a PPC campaign and they will look after it to get the maximum results.

    I do not say PPC is bad. It is very good and it has become the second major source of traffic after search engines. Still I free search results creates more traffic than anything else. In some cases, it may differ.

    SEO is not dead at all. After Penguin update, google wants you to do on page optimization well along with good quality relevant backlink. Spamming will not be paid.
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    Hi guys I don't think so that SEO is dead but it became much difficult for those who are untrained or having less information on SEO only now expert can do SEO properly.
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    dont knw if seo is dead or not,,but surely its a hard time nowadays to rank a site on top
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      SEO isn't dead. Now a day, we have seen plenty of changes on search engine algorithm which is very beneficial for users to get exact and quality result from search engine. So, I must says that SEO isn't dead but it comes with better results.

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    No SEO is not dead,it is running and will alive forever.
    It is now hide by a number of different algorithm ,
    and will appear with a brand new style.
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    Yeah....sorry to say...SEO is dead buddy. That being said, pack your SH** and close up shop. While your at it, sell me your current contracts/accounts. I would be happy to show everyone how 'dead' SEO is.
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    Is it just me or does stats shown by a PPC company looks like a plain marketing strategy rather than using it as a form of a valuable infromation? I hope people behind this PPC ad does not post in forums or anything relating to SEO to tope Google pages to get organic searches.
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    SEO is dead, it got shot by a panda carrying a penguin. the penguin was frozen!

    For me, that graphic was complete information overload, and even now, the only thing I can remember from it all is the quote from Danny.

    K.I.S.S. always the best answer for most marketing things
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    I don't know where they got those stats, but that doesn't sound right. In fact, I think it's probably the exact opposite.

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    Well, I do not think it's dead but definitely Google would like to kill SEO industry as it wants to get all the entire pie. But some SEO "gurus" say that SEO's death is very close http://www.forbes.com/sites/kenkrogu...-real-content/

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    Cool graphic....but I think the only thing any marketers should take away from the image above is that one shouldn't always solely rely on ONE form of traffic, whether it be SEO or PPC. Diversify your type of marketing and your business will be much better off!

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