Best course on how to use Twitter/Facebook for B2B marketing?

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I want to use LI, FB and Twtr for my online marketing of my B2B services.

Can any of you suggest any good courses?
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    Why are you talking about online marketing on an offline marketing section ?
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      ?? I thought this where Offline Marketing talked about Online Marketing for business?

      Twitter and Facebook are a big part of Social Media Marketing for business owners. To perform this at a high level, you will need a good course and some mad skills :-)

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      Why are you talking about online marketing on an offline marketing section ?

      Learn Digital, Internet and Social Media Marketing For Your Business
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    I also want to use facebook and twiter for marketing purpose. please help me.
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    Let me sum up my thoughts.

    1. Are your targeted customers on Facebook and Twitter? With B2B I assume that medium sized business and above are.

    2. If they are.... why are they are Facebook and Twitter? Likely to get business and build their brand.

    3. Who runs their Facebook and Twitter if they have them? This is likely an outside consultant like many who post on this forum or an in house marketing person like myself.

    4. Are these people running the Facebook and Twitter who you want to target to sell to these clients? Likely no. I and people like me would IMO be the exception.

    My point is just because something is popular and the "in" thing doesn't mean it is the best use of your time. A business can grow only one way and that is by the use of time, either your own or you pay someone to work for you. When starting out that means a lot of work for you and/or VAs. If you have limited time you need to spend it getting the maximum results. And IMO Facebook and Twitter make sense for B2C branding but seldom for B2B. B2B via linkedin makes more sense but even that is IMO not the best use of time. It is an add on you do with spare time, not your main focus.

    When you need clients you need to get out there and get clients. Rather that be cold calls, cold walk ins, or something else you need to be direct or at least spend money advertising to get them to call you.

    So focus on the ways that will make you money and get you clients today. Use Facebook and Twitter for your B2C clients and not as much for yourself in the B2B world.

    The key to all marketing and selling is to know and understand your potential customers. Where are they? What do they want to buy and why?
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    I have recently made a fiverr gig on Facebook summit. I am giving away 20 hrs Facebook summit video for $5. Extremely professional stuff!! The summit is held by industry experts and has a lot to learn from! Anyone looking for a good course should consider purchasing it!

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