Offline Business Builder Series: "Here's My ENTIRE Offline Lead Gen. & Upsell Funnel!"

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Hey Offliners,

A week or so ago, I received a email asking me to give a little more detail about exactly what I'm doing to create funnels to generate leads to my offline business.

So, today I'm going to reveal what I'm working on to funnel my leads through a upsell process that positions me where I want to be AND makes me money BEFORE I meet with one person.

The first thing I'm doing right now in my own offline business is creating a results based brand. I didn't do that the first time, I just threw up a website and dug in.

That's fine to start, but at some point you're going to want to have a more intentional strategy to your business that allows you to scale up and grow exponentially.

Here's what I mean:

Instead of going with a generic company name website and brand like "John Doe Marketing Consulting", a results based brand would be something like "Five New Clients Everyday."

That's just an example. But what a results based brand allows you to do is create infinite amounts of niche products built upon the foundation of your brand.

So, it could be:

- Five Clients New Clients Everyday for Chiropractors
- Five Clients New Clients Everyday for Plumbers
- Five Clients New Clients Everyday for Electricians
- Etc.

Your colors and themes might even stay the same, but your principles would be customized for your target niche.

Think "For Dummies" or "Idiots" series.

There's two reasons why I'm making this change now:

1. I wasn't happy with the type of the leads I was getting. I don't really want business owners who ONLY want seo or website design.

It's just plain harder to get instant results with web design or seo. Redesigning a website takes weeks at best and months in most cases. Don't even mention getting SEO results.

Meanwhile, despite everything you've said to the contrary, the business owner is secretly expecting instant results.

However, I can put together a offline campaign using direct mail, newspaper ads, radio ads etc. driving leads to a specific landing page or direct to a business that will result in sales being made within 7 days..guaranteed.

2. I want a offline business that's built around my lifestyle. As much as humanly possible, I want to wake up every single day and do the things I absolutely love to do.

I love building entire marketing/sales and fulfillment funnels.


Because when I don't personally build a entire funnel from lead generation to product/service fulfillment, the business owner tends to screw it up and blame the front of the funnel that's being tracked, measured and tested.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the back-end of the funnel, which he controls (himself, crappy website and lackluster staff), are not returning phone leads phone calls, not answering the phone, not email leads back, not setting up appointments etc.

What I want to offer is a premium level of service that results in real lasting results. Not just the one-off stuff that takes months to do and has no promises of results.

So, I needed a strong brand that communicates what I accomplish for my clients to justify charging premium fees.

Here's an overview of what I'm relaunching as my new offline lead gen. funnel this time, here it is:

Front-End Offers:
Free Webinar (For my tech savvy lead sources)
Free Report (For my old school lead sources)
Book - $9.99 to $19.99 (credibility and lead gen that generates income)

Upsell/Positioning Tool #1:
Home Study Course - $97-$497

Upsell/Positioning Tool #2:
One Hour Consulting - $250 to $500 (This will be new for me, but once you start generating tons of leads, it becomes a nightmare to manage the free sessions you're giving away. This was killing's good to start with, but transition to paid consultations at some point to seperate the chaff from the wheat.

Upsell/Positioning Tool #3:
12 Month Coaching Program - $297 to $497/month (Alot of business owner's can't afford the bigger fees, but still need the marketing help. This is just systemizing all the different strategies I already provide for my clients and letting the business owner do the implementation.)

Upsell/Positioning Tool #4:
1-3 Day Onsite Consulting - $5,000+ (This is new and will be the new way that I do custom work for offline clients)

Upsell/Positioning Tool #5:
Ongoing One-on-One Monthly Consulting - $1,500+ (This will only be available for the clients I've done custom work for who want to continue to get custom work done on their campaigns.)

All of the above is big step in a new direction for me, but I personally believe building funnels is the best way to go for guys like myself who don't really want to be ONLY viewed as online marketing consultants.

Now, as you look at MY funnel, keep in mind that I have a MBA in marketing, over a decade of verifiable marketing experience and I only work with local clients who I can shake hands with.

That's just how I roll.

Also, what I'm showing you is the goals I've designed for my business after hours and hours of soul-searching. You may come up with something completely different that will work for you.

That's completely okay and encouraged.

Hope this helps,

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    Sounds like you have all your stuff in one sock. Congratulations. Keep us posted as I'd love to hear how you are doing.

    Best of luck,

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    Your sales funnel sounds phenomenal and seems like quite an undertaking. I was an intern for an internet guru back in mid 2000 and what you've laid out requires serious elbow grease.

    Do you have a large staff in place already or based on this funnel will it require that?

    Just curious...Do you have an exit strategy or will your business simply come to an end when you do?

    Thanks for sharing a view behind the curtain.
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    Great funnel ideas, I am in similar spot as you. Most of my clients and training are in the $1,000 to $2,500 range. I feel I am missing sales with a lower price product, course/training videos, maybe sell them for $199 or $299 for the ones that can't afford high ticket.
    Thanks for sharing Chris

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    That was a great share - thanks OP

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    Nice funnel! Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for the kind works,

    I received quite a few emails and responses about why I'm doing things the way that I am and how much work it has taken to actually get it done.

    My business is run with the help of three part-time virtual assistants. I'm currently considering hiring another assistant to bring a specific set of expertise to my business.

    The reason why I made the changes is because my goal is to have a business that runs without me doing all the heavy lifting. Yes, I'm working on a exit strategy that will allow me to have more free time, but I don't see a day where I want to make it 100% hands off.

    The only way I can accomplish my goal of having more free time while earning a lucrative income is to automate my lead generation and service delivery as much as possible. Then, hire implementation staff to help business owners actually put the strategies to work in their business.

    I want to be very clear about why I'm doing all of those things in my business.

    #1: There's a small segment of business owners who will ONLY suck up every free resource and free minute of time that you will give away.

    That's not a problem if it's automated through a autoresponder or evergreen webinar software, but I was giving away 1 hour one-on-one consultations.

    My new business model has completely automated ALL of my positioning resources and monetized it so that I filter out the freebie seekers and get paid for my time when I finally do one-on-one consulting or even group coaching.

    #2: In 99% of the cases I've seen, seo work and/or website design should not be done as a standalone service because in most cases it should be a long-term commitment and part of a larger strategy.

    Most business owners in this day and age already see the need in having a direct response website, but balk at having to invest the money and time each month to drive traffic to it.

    Without traffic even a awesome website will just become a digital paperweight.

    My best clients are the one's who buy into my philosophy that all marketing tactics should be determined by a wholistic marketing strategy.

    I just got sick and tired of pulling and tugging every single lead in a direction they didn't want to go. I want to work WITH a business owner to hit their goals.

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    Great post Chris Thanks for sharing, as you make it sound so simple I know it can take many countless hours just putting the funnel and or plan of action together in a coherent way.
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    How are you finding clients?

    Speaking? Networking? Other? Just online?


    Writing as Kieran McKendrick
    You can find the first prequel to my Purgatory series (How Blended are Dust and Fire) on Amazon and Smashwords.

    Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you are right. -- Henry Ford

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    Originally Posted by Chris Rivers View Post

    It's just plain harder to get instant results with web design or seo. Redesigning a website takes weeks at best and months in most cases. Don't even mention getting SEO results.

    Meanwhile, despite everything you've said to the contrary, the business owner is secretly expecting instant results.
    Totally agree! I have had the best success using DIRECT MAIL postcards to generate new customers for local businesses - usually within 30 days. i.e. sending 'gift cards' to residents during their BIRTHDAY month who live near the business (pizza shop, auto detail shop, deli, restaurant, etc.)
    Working from Home since 1991
    (Well before anyone knew it could be done!)

    “Observe your competitors, for they first find your faults.”
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