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I would like to share my strategy with you all in order to receive some feedback on what I can do better. This is my plan:

  • SEO -- I have selected a few keywords that I will be ranking on Google with. These keywords have thousands of local searches per month and it can definitely help generate traffic on my website.
  • PPC -- I am now a Google Engage member so I will be offering a trial campaign to my potential clients in order to show them the true value of PPC.
  • AWEBER -- I wrote a decent copyright for my web page and have implemented Aweber within it. I have made sure to make the e-mails look extremely professional along with free valuable information. There is a free report I offer in exchange for their name and e-mail in order to build my contact list. I also have a few other reports created as follow up e-mails that I will be sending out to them... probably once every two weeks.

    (Free is the most powerful word in the English language... even more powerful than sex!)
  • Cold Calling -- I have someone that will be doing appointment setting for me. I use to work in sales and am very good at closing if I have someone that is already interested. I have a list of 30,000 dentist that will be called throughout the next few months.
  • LinkedIn -- I've joined a few marketing groups and have been trying to stay active within it. I found 1 prospect that I will be running a Google Adwords campaign for using the Google Engage coupons ($100) that was given to me for FREE by Google.

  • Graphic Designer -- I have found a very talented graphic designer that will design/redesign a website for $200.
  • Web Coder/SEO -- I have a coder that is from Romania and is very responsive and good at what he does. He's also a great with SEO and very inexpensive.
  • Sales Funnel -- I have teamed up with a good friend of mine from Australia that creates Sales Funnels that actually produce results. These sales funnels are expensive, however they have proven to get results.

Overall I feel that I have a great team to get started with.

I currently am focusing on the dentist niche and will offer three packages as a baseline pricing point -- we can customize each package accordingly. Everyone of my clients will be put on my HostGator Resller Hosting account for $50 which includes 1 hour updates per month.

I was able to get a merchant account with Authorize.NET which is awesome because I can now accept credit card payments. I will be using Freshbooks as my accounting software. The one issue I am having is locating a contract I can use for my services. I would like to use EchoSign in order to have things signed ASAP.

I currently work as an IT Analyst and am busy throughout the day working which is why I needed to hire an appointment setter. I drive 55 miles each way to work and home so my appointments will be made after 5PM (which is when most dentist are available to speak). I will also make myself available on the weekend (when I don't have weekend drill with the military) to talk to these dentist, if needed.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! I currently have about $150 in overhead which isn't too bad, however I am going to make **** happen so I can be in the green. My goal is to begin building at least 5 websites consistently for 3 months and grow upon that.
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    You really haven't been clear on what you will be doing. Are you developing your own website to be used as a directory/lead development/???, developing and maintaining sites for your client, or ???

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      I apologize Marvin. I will be designing/redesigning websites for dentists. I will also be maintaining these websites while trying to upsell other services to my existing clients such as SEO, PPC, E-mail Marketing, and Social Media Management.
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    You may want to add check by phone to your payment options.

    Please keep in mind that any sales in the medical field will be difficult to get for the most part. It's really difficult to get through to the decision maker, the doctor, most of the time. Also, most people target the medical field because they feel it will be a bigger payday. If you are just starting out I would choose other markets to go after, you will probably get more sales faster. Since you are still working at another job, with a long commute, it doesn't seem you will have the time to really give this market the time it will require. I would have my appointment setter call on different markets.

    The medical field is probably the most difficult markets to crack, not that it can't be done, just don't expect the quick results you can get from selling to other markets. With the outsourcing you have in place you could probably do really well by selling these same services other industries.

    I wish you much success.

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    I agree the medical field can be challenging, however it is very rewarding. I have experience in working with doctors/dentist due to my previous health-related job so I don't foresee it being a big issue.

    I thought about accepting checks, but do most businesses write checks or do they prefer to pay with plastic?

    I will definitely consider reaching out to other niches as well, but will start with dentist and see how it goes these next 60 days first.
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  • In terms of payment, you may want to offer options. Check or credit card can do, or Paypal also.

    I also suggest that you include some freebies in your web development/graphics service. If you plan to offer your clients add-ons, you may want to consider adding a few of these add-ons in their first purchase.

    You have to take note that these clients do not know SEO or web marketing, so you may want to offer them some kind of "free pass" just to give them the idea of how important these add-ons are for their business.
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    Sounds like you're off to a great start with a solid foundation, just don't forget to keep taking action and bringing in new clients. To be sure, you are ahead of many others starting out in the offline marketing world.

    I like that you have done a huge amount of preparation and organization instead of just jumping in and patching things together along the way. I'm a perfectionist, I do the same thing whenever I start a new venture.

    Keep us updated with your progress, what's working, what's not, etc.

    Good luck!
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    Checks or Paypal is how I get paid most of the time.
    Have you thought of creating a niche marketing name? Like...
    Then brand yourself as the go to guy for dentists?

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      Originally Posted by sdentrepreneur View Post

      Checks or Paypal is how I get paid most of the time.
      Have you thought of creating a niche marketing name? Like...
      Then brand yourself as the go to guy for dentists?
      Hey James,

      I do accept PayPal as well, but did forget to mention that on my original post. I guess I should also accept checks -- I'll make it happen.

      I did think about creating a niche marketing name, but at the moment I am will be running as 'Innovational Alliance' and will later on target other niches.
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