Easiest Way To Get Clients to Say Yes!!!

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Hey All,

I haven't posted here in a while, have been building my business and putting things into action. Anyways, I wanted to share one of the easiest ways that I get clients to say yes to buying a web site, seo, marketing services etc from me. It's actually very simple.


Why??? Because a business owner always listens to HIS customers that buy from him.

Of course this depends on the niche, I'm not telling you to pay a solar power contractor $25,000 to install solar panels on your house, so that you can make a $800 web design sale.

I'll give you an example. A few days ago, I was depositing a check into the ATM using the drive thru with my car, and then I tried putting my car window up to leave, and my window would not go up. I pushed the up button, nothing happened, pushed down, and then... MY CAR WINDOW CAME OFF THE MECHANISM AND FELL INTO MY DOOR. Luckily I did not hear it shatter so I knew it was still intact within my car door.

Knowing that I would need to get this fixed asap, I called a few buddies to see who could suggest a small company to fix my car window. I would much rather support a small business than a big national company. My buddy recommended a company, run by an individual so I googled the company name to get their phone number, and surprise surprise... there was nothing on this company. No listings anywhere, no websites, nothing. I had to call my buddy back just to find out this guys phone number.

Anyways, the guy drove to my location to fix my car and after he was done and I paid him my $200, I told him "a buddy recommended you to me, and I looked up your company but I could not find a phone number, website or any way to contact you." I asked him if he had a website and he said no. I then asked him if other people have had issues trying to get a hold of him, or if he would like more new customers calling him and he said yes and that he really should have a website to make life easier. He was paying for an ad in local phone book (not yellow pages) but currently he gets more calls just based on referrals, not from his paid listing.

I told him that I design professional websites for many service companies, handle seo, google pages, etc and could get his phone ringing by using modern marketing, and not old tired yellow page type ads. I told him that I would call him in a few days and we could set up a time to meet and discuss more details(I knew he had other appointments so I didn't want to take up his time). I gave him my business card and thanked him for repairing my window and he left.

A few hours later in the day, he calls me back saying he wants to move forward with buying my services for his business. He visited my website which shows other sites I have designed and also reviewed the services I provide. I quoted him I didn't make a demo site for him or anything. I did not come off as a sales man hard right off the bat, but I was a real customer who presented a real problem with finding him and his business. Made a $3000 sale with $300 recurring just by getting my car window fixed which was a obviously a necessity.

Bottom line is, a business owner is more likely to actually LISTEN to you if you are a customer of theirs. So, when I need any work done, most times its small cheap work, I specifically look for companies that are small, no website or little to no web presence. Sometimes its for a car repair, sometimes its to patch a hole in the wall (even though I'm capable myself), I'll pay $50 to a handyman for them to fix something just to get to talk to them about their current marketing because I know they will listen to a customer of theirs.

PS - Don't be an agressive jerk trying to sell something, when they are working on something of yours that may be valuable :p
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    Great story! I often times do the same thing when I need a service, look for someone who needs help on their website or who doesn't have one. Just start talking to peeps (not in sales mode) and you'll be amazed at what can happen.

    Nice work!

    [throws rock thru car window]
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    Agreed, most of my bar/restaurant clients, I frequented many times before making my move to meet owner or GM.

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      Thats right sdentrepreneur. Its good to become a familiar friendly face before turning into a salesman.

      ADukes81 - I wouldn't recommend throwing any rocks at your window because then cost of installation would double because now your paying for a new pane of glass as well :p
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  • That's a great story. Makes me think I should get out more often

    I'm a big coffee drinker, though, so I like to talk up the local coffee shop owners. They don't usually have much of a budget, so I just give them basic stuff on the cheap. I still make a nice profit and I become something of a hero. Coffee shop owners tend to know other business owners, too
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    Great concept. The law of reciprocity at work. Also great for networking and building contacts which is extremely helpful in offline business.

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      Great story proving once again a little initiative and action beats sitting at home and whining about those stupid business people not knowing you exist. Wish you a ton more success.

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    This is great, thank you for sharing your story/experience on this thread.
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    Its an obvious thing actually. If you want to get the yes you have to get the trust of the customers. For that you have to buy something from him. Thanks for sharing the idea dude.
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    This is a neat idea and I'm glad you portrayed its importance.

    Makes me want to be more intuitive when I'm out doing something or paying for a service. Something to definitely look out for. What a great story. Thank you for sharing.
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    On a broader scale you're trying to bring potential clients revenue enhancement before you ask them to use your service.

    And that's smart - the "Me, me, me" approach doesn't work so well. Don't go into a business and say "buy my service, hire me" ... there's no value add there, no reason they should pick you over the dozens of other professionals who call them each month.

    But that doesn't mean YOU need to buy something from them.

    If you went to a potential client who owns a limo or town car service (for example) why not call some of your other customers and ask if they ever need a car service to go to important meetings or pick up people from the airport... If they have the need, ask if it'd be OK if you mentioned them to the prospective client you're going to see (the owner of the car or limo service).

    Now you can go walk into your prospective clients office and say "I do sell ____ service, and we'll talk about that in a minute, but first - I have a couple clients who are interested in your service. Here are their cards, and if it's convenient for you, I'd like to set up a 3 way call with you,them, and I tomorrow."

    What have you done here? You've brought your prospect revenue before you ever mentioned your service! Thinks that's a good way to prove you're a worth working with?

    You better believe it.
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    That's a great story. thank you for spending your time sharing this amazing experience here.
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    Great story.

    I have done the same thing...but instead of buying I instead ask for a quote and would routinely ask if they were possible interested in exchanging services.

    I usually only try this after allowing the prospect to fully be on the sales offensive and then offer this alternative as if an afterthought, which has gotten me to close all of those types of deals, which have also, thankfully, lead to monthly recurring payments.

    Hope that was a helpful contribution.
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    Agree totally with you, all my offline clients, restaurant, bar, coffee shop, barber are all my local and I buy from them on a regular basis, after I get friendly with them I make my move selling different services, works all the time.
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    It is definitely still big opportunity. Your story just confirms it. And this is the smart way of getting new clients, instead of spamming local businesses with your offer:-)
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    What a smart way of getting new clients.this is a very interesting story. thanks for sharing.
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