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I know some people make mobile directories. While I totally understand the idea and concept, I'd like to hear your feedback on this.

I found a keyword in the restaurant niche that gets 2,900 monthly searches on mobile, and it is a local keyword, like restaurant in miami

Do you think this would be the perfect condition to register and make a mobile directory on this?

Competition is low for the keyword, but I don t know if it s the same on mobile and desktop, I actually have no idea of how this works!

So I could probably rank on mobile searches for the term, and so I d get some decent SE traffic, so I could get paid members on the directory.

Does it make sense or i m missing something?

Thanks for your help!
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    A common phrase in my youth was; "You're close BUT, No Cigar!" (Also, "Close only counts in handgrenades and horseshoes!")

    A "Mobile Directory" is a great idea. Your approach is to get a Domain that will show up in a search (Restaurant In Miami) where the HOPE is that anyone typing in that Keyword on their Mobile Device will bring up your Directory.

    Now....what if, instead of relying on "Google Search", there was another way for a HOT, NICHE market to EASILY FIND your Mobile Restaurant Directory?

    This "Hot, Niche" market is...."Hotel/Motel GUESTS"! AKA, "Travelers/Tourists"

    These people have 3 things in common;
    1) They're HUNGRY. They usually don't have food with them (other than a few snacks and bottles of water)
    2) They have a Mobile Device with them
    3) They have Money to buy food

    So....put yourself into the body of a typical person checking into a Hotel/Motel room; What if there was a "Sign" in their room that offered a way for them to FIND YOUR RESTAURANT DIRECTORY on their Mobile Devices?

    Would local restaurants be willing to pay a "good fee" to be ON your Mobile Directory?

    You Betcha!

    Don Alm....who discovered HOW to get Hotel/Motel Guests to FIND his "Mobile Directory"
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    Hi Don Alm,

    Thanks for your input. I remember a similar thread now back in Oct or Nov 11, probably from you!

    DO you know where it is now?

    It s a great great great idea, only downside is think is that you can only do it locally...

    What s in it for the hotel? Any reason for them to refuse? Would you put it in a plastic stand or stick it on the door, or print toilet paper?

    Thanks man, you re a genius!

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