How many clients do you have?

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Within your first year of offline marketing,how many clients did you have by the end of the first year?

At the present moment,how many clients do you have and about how much do you make a month after expenses?
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    The number is not the fact. you have to build a list of people who will buy your service at any cost.
    I think gaining around 500 clients in 1st year is very enough. if you get less than that its not a problem actually.
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    500 clients a year?How is that possible?
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    The actual number of clients makes no difference. Getting people 500 people to signup for a $1k/month service is completely different than getting them to signup for a $10/month service. What you need to be looking at is your pricing and profit margins.
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    @trieuphu - Just take action.

    Here is a little something I like to get people thinking about -

    If you just got one client to pay you....$150 per month in one you think you could get just one client in another state to start doing the same thing?

    If you consider how many cities there are in a state and how many MILLIONS of people that there are in each should give you hope that you can replicate that smalll simple model.

    If you were to do it consistently and got just one client per state you'd be making yourself at least $7500 a month.

    Not the greatest but not bad for most.

    Hope that was helpful.
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    I think the question you should be asking is "how much did you profit your first year?"
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    It's better to have a handful of good-paying clients than a hundred cheap, pain-in-the-ass clients IMO.
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    Ive only got a couple of high-end clients...
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      Didn't I read you are at $70 million in revenue now in another thread?

      Originally Posted by Adrian Browning View Post

      How many clients did you have in your first year?

      Why does this matter?

      On what basis are you asking? As in how much money did you make in your first year?

      If so, then in my first year as a marketer I made something in the $60K region.. But I was into alot of "other" things at that time it wasn't just internet marketing. Infact, I'd only attribute around $20K, if not less, of that income to IM related stuff and I was only dabbling.. But as an 18 year old that was decent I suppose..

      In the present day I can rake in that same amount in just one deal.. So the "amount" of clients is truly irrelevant. I mean, I have a company that serves just one (well known) client.. and it pulls in six figures every year.

      You can't evaluate the success of a business based on how many clients or customers it serves.. Even General Motors went bankrupt in 2009, and we all know how many people they serve.

      Broaden the way you perceive success, and it will slowly but surely come to you.

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        • Originally Posted by Adrian Browning View Post

          Yes Rearden, I have managed to build what some refer to as a "small empire" but I, however, like to call it an Investment Company..

          How my firm differs from the rest is that instead of operating separate marketing departments within each company, I built a separate business through which we implement the marketing and advertising of each one of our firms.
          Hello there Adrian. I'm intrigued! Would you mind expanding on the 'separate business' setup that you mention here? I'm not quite sure what you mean...
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    Yes,my first question should have been worded how much did you profit in your first year of offline marketing instead of how many clients you have the 1st year.
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