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Hi there,

I am looking at going into the offline market and intend on starting with local takeaways. I have a few things lined up to offer these companies but i would like to find out what other Warriors would or have offered to offline companies in order to make them want to sign up.

1) Website
Including routine updates along with further updating it when new technology comes out.

2) Facebook Timeline Page
Outsource Cover & Profile pictures, add APPS that provide Reviews from customers, Menu page, 'Like' for discount page' (Content unlocker), Welcome Page.

3) Leaflets (FREE)
Provide leaflets but this will include the following. I will ask the business owners permission to offer a thankyou leaflet. This will consist of something like an A4 size leaflet that will have in the center an image with writing underneath

As a thank you to our customers
we have negotiated savings with local companies

Visit our Facebook page for our latest offers & Promotions

The reason the leaflets are free to the company that i am promoting is because there are ads all the way round the A4 sheet with discounts from other local companies (different niches) and they have all paid a relatively small fee to have their ad with discount on the leaflet. This provides good publicity for the company i am promoting, provides savings for customers loyalty to the business and shows my ability to other companies that i can market their company.

4) Competitions

Hold a raffle by offering customers when they have been served a 1p - £1.00 raffle ticket. If they agree they put their hand in a bag and pull out a number, whatever number comes out is the cost of their ticket. i.e 63 = 63p to pay, 94 = 94p to pay and so on Once all the numbers have been taken the draw is made, the prize can be something decent that will create a 'buzz' as you have actually made £50.50 from the raffle takings, so for even better publicity you can donate so much to charity!!!!

5) Marketing APP

Im not an affiliate but i wont mention the APP but i have a marketing APP where i can show a large amount of people an advert just from 1 person enabling the APP.

Could anybody else please add to this, i have a few more but would appreciate others adding and also using mine if they feel they are good enough.

Could people also give reasoning/explanation of there suggestion.

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    In regards to the leaflets, be sure the company is OK with there being advertisements for other companies all over it. If I was a local business owner that would be a turn off for me. I'd rather just pay for them.
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      Yes, i would always do that anyway but i think it will lift the image of the company and people will feel that the company are giving something back to the community at this difficult time
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