7 Steps How to get Business Owners to Come to You...

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Hey Warriors,

This community has helped me out a lot when i was just getting started out
internet marketing, so I wanted to give back a little.

Here is a 7 step guide to get business owners to contact you instead of wasting a lot of time, money, energy, and effort chasing down business owners.

Step 1:

Find a Local Charity in your Area.
It could be a variety of charities: animal shelter, a homeless shelter, a soup kitchen, a church, any type of kid's organizations.
Go online and do a search of your local area.


Assist the Charity. The key is you are not going to charge a consulting fee.
You will simply offer your marketing expertise. You are going to make a lot
more after you get the owner's business cards.


Say this to your Charity: "Look, I want to help raise money. I
want to do some fundraising with the charity, and here's what I do. I'm an
internet marketing expert. I help businesses understand the power of the
internet and how they can utilize the internet to better market their business."
Setup a 2 hour internet marketing work shop. Just the "Basics."
Cover the different ways local business owners can harness the power
of the internet: Social Media, SEO,Blogs, Forums, Videos, Podcasts, Autoresponders, Craigslist, Groupon, etc...
The charity will invite local business owners and charge either $47 or $97 dollars for the work shop.

Step 4:

Collect The business owners business cards:
Put a bowl in front of the room and say you are going to give away a
grand prize at the end of the presentation. At the end of the presentation there's going to be a $1000 giveaway, or whatever the price is, a $250 giveaway", so what they do is they all put their business cards in. You gather all their business cards and then you have a grand prize. Let's say you're going to give a one hour consultation. Your time is worth, let's say $250 an hour. So you're going to give a one hour consultation of $250 value, that's the grand prize. Somebody's going to win that in the crowd. It's only an hour of your time, it's not like you're physically handing somebody $250, but you're attracting people to want to put their business card in.

Step 5:
Create an envelope for the Grand Prize and say that you want everybody to leave here with a prize,so you will be having a free 15 minute consultation with you the expert. This plants the seed that allows you to call them in a couple of days.

Step 6:
Collect all the data and statistic and get a press release written for how much money you helped a charity raise.

Step 7:
Collect checks and be happy that you dont have to work a 9-5 job


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Going to be posting more posts in the next couple of days.
I want to provide only my best stuff for you.

Is there anything specifically you want to learn about providing SEO, Web Design and Marketing services to small business in your local area, so you get paid what you actually deserve and don't feel resentment toward your clients for being underpaid...

Ask anything at all... The more specific the better.

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    This is a great way to get your foot in the door. Have you done this yourself?
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  • Ummm this was a WSO lol Offline Hero or something like that. Great minds think alike, I guess. =)

    Great idea, I think, but I'd like to know if it works.
    G+ LOCAL SETUP ___and____ Custom WordPress - Genesis Child Themes (see portfolio here)

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    I'm definitely going to have to try this sometime! It's a great way to get the local business owners to know who you are, but it's also helping the charity. In the end, I can still make profit from holding all these contests.

    As you've given me advise on my mayor client, if I land the contract; this'll be another great way to sample myself out.

    Thank you for the post!
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    ?? does it really works has any on tried it nice idea great thought and deep thinking.
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    so you have had succes with this then?

    so many "ideas" that sound great but I really just want tried and tested.

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    Sounds like a clever spin. I like anything that gets you kudo's with the customer before hand.
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    Oh Yeah it works.
    I have done this and i saw this done at a conference that i attended.
    Here is a story for you: Once upon a time i went to a conference and at the conference there was a table when you walked in. This table was no ordinary table it had two magic components to it. One was a round little glass box with business cards filled to the brink and the other a big Square glass box with 100's of 20 dollar bills in it and a little note on the box... Please donate to the Children's hospital with a picture of an 11 year old girl with Cancer on the front. Imagine, would you say NO when there are about 100 other people who have donated to the charity. The story gets better. Next to the golden box of money is a little woman standing there saying to enter into the Palace ( conference) is just a donation away. What would you say to that woman. Think about it this way, you see that other people already have donated and you feel that people will notice if you dont. By the way those people are your potential future clients, students, or partners...

    Ok here is what you will need to do to do this:

    Most important: Set yourself up as the Organizer of the event.
    Why: People will want to meet you for setting all this up.
    1) You need to get a great speaker
    2) You need to get marketers to come to your event to promote their service to business
    3) You need to get business owners to come.

    PM me, if you are interested, i have a whole system and process to do this...
    Obviously this is not just a one little tip, but a whole Marketing Strategy, so only message me if you are serious about growing your business....

    Now sure how much to charge for your local marketing services?
    Add me on Facebook and I'll give you access to my Local Marketing Consultant Group....


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