Transfer of Website to own host +maintenance

by MrFume
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Slightly unusualy circumstance-how would you price this:

Transfer of existing customer website from another developer-hosted on BlueHost and domain name account
to my hosting system on hostgator account-then ongoing maintenance and 'tweaks' of the website.
As a package what would you charge?
Website is a commercial site -Wordpress based.
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    Depending on what all you're providing, and how big the company is.

    Let's say it's a family owned business, and you're providing any simple upkeep needed. I'd charge anywhere from $150-300 monthly, and offer to switch everything over for free.

    Now if it's a fairly large corporation, and you're providing major upkeep on a weekly basis, I'd charge anywhere from $500-2500 monthly.

    Hope this helps.
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