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A client asked this question and I've been up since 5:30am trying to find THE answer!! Hopefully you can help

He wants to create an app that can access the friends list (that part is not a problem) but he wants to know if he can contact the friends via private message or else?! (to promote his business and to get more signups)?

Part of me thinks it's a no go - we'd get soooo much spam messages/emails from Facebook already...but I could see how great that would be for a business though.

Appreciate your help!
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    No app required. When you create a Facebook page there's an option to invite your friends to the page. It's not quite a PM, but the user will see the invite. All you have to do is create the page, click on the invite link, and a box will pop up with all your/his friends in it. Select all the friends and click "invite."

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      Maybe I didn't explain myself properly - my apologies!

      He wants people to sign-in on his website through Facebook (using an app authentication).
      You can then request to use that USER's friend list...(which is doable - see below) but the question is - what can YOU DO with that list? Can you contact them directly?!

      If you are using the Enhanced Auth Dialog, extended permissions are presented on the second page of the dialog and are individually user-revocable. If you request these permissions, the user can choose to not grant one or more of them. Your application should not expect the user to always grant these permissions if requested.

      Permission Description
      read_friendlists Provides access to any friend lists the user created. All user's friends are provided as part of basic data, this extended permission grants access to the lists of friends a user has created, and should only be requested if your application utilizes lists of friends.

      Thanks for reading!

      "Before you try to satisfy the client, understand and satisfy the person."

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