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Hey, my headset are crap (MSN headset). I have to yell at people almost.

Do you guys have a recommendation for a decent headsets?
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    I use a Logitech USB headset/mic combo.

    I'm not sure of the exact model number...
    there are newer model's out, but it's the
    one that runs in the $35ish range.

    I love it! Great quality for sure!
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      I have a Logitech headset. Model G330.

      It's a gaming headset. Good quality. Runs around $40.
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        I have the logitect g35 and it is awesome. The noise canceling is pretty decent. Has macro buttons on the left ear piece. Wireless, with cable if you need it. Can mute the headset on the side left ear piece. And they are comfortable for me.

        Costs about $140 i think. cheap considering i use it for about 8 hours everyday lol
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          I just picked up a plantronics voyager pro uc v2. It allows me to make and answer calls from both my iPhone (any Bluetooth cell phone) and Skype or google talk or other uc applications. I'm loving using one headset for everything. They run $120 or so.

          Haven't been able to get it to work with twilio/openvbx yet but I also haven't tried too hard, I just forward to the cell.

          Sound quality is good and its super comfy to wear all day. The range sucks though. I lose signal when I get more than 10 feet out of my office.

          I actually have a new voyager pro v1 I bought by mistake (it doesn't stream music through Bluetooth) that I'm looking to get rid of. Half the price of the v2, pm if you're interested.
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