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Hello People,

I've been MIA from here for a while and have been reflecting on what in the world I actually want to do.

I think I stumbled into the small biz game cause it seemed to be the fastest way to make money... which is the wrong reason to get into anything because I can't really say that I have a ton of passion for it....or should I say, I don't have passion in working with crazy clients who don't fully understand the ins and outs and can sometimes flip out when they feel expectations haven't been met (I made a thread on here a while back about a client threatening to take me to court, this was a friend no less) I know this is my fault for not setting client expectations and all the rest of it, but, I just can't be bothered. This also may be due to my upbringing in the hotel industry, I don't have enough patience to work with people in this capacity anymore.

It's hard to get the passion up to put yourself in front of these people who down the road could very well become more of a headache then they're worth.. I'm not downing on the model in anyway, if you enjoy it, all the power to ya.. but the front-end of it is not where I personally like to be.

However, I'd like to JV with a person and work the back-end of the business, so you shmooze with the clients, and I take care of all the deliverables, I outsource the work aswell, but I'd take care of the management of the outsourcers and the overall project.

With this offer, I'm not looking for 50/50 on the revenues, I've put together reasonable prices that allow me to profit while you can mark-up the service to profit as much as you like.

I'm really not looking to work with a million different people, I just want to work with one - two solid consultants that care about providing good results to their clients.

Send me a PM or skype me at wilder10471 if you're interested in this, we can discuss if it'd be a win/win for both parties and go from there.


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    It's not easy coming to the conclusion you did fearing you'd possibly miss out on something by not handling the entire consulting process.

    Congratulations on figuring out which end of this business you'd really like to work.

    If you don't get any inquiries, at the very least, check out this post which puts a different spin on things that's still within the realm of what you're considering.


    Much success to you.
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