Offline Marketing: My Rant On Certain Things

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It's kind of really sad some of the products I see being put out for Offline Marketers. I know it's just worded to get them to buy it and the like, but it still bothers me some.

All these things saying "You won't have to be a salesman!" "Don't be that salesman!" "You're not a salesman!" is simply to make the people buying them feel better about themselves and not have that 'negative' connotation to being someone who sells something.

But that's exactly what they are! They may have these methods to seem less sales-y, but at the end you're going to have to do a very salesman-like thing when you meet the client, and that's to sell yourself to them and ask for the sale.

And then there's the "Never have to meet your local clients!" Bullshit. Why wouldn't you want to meet the people who will be paying you money to do services for them? Perhaps people don't understand that by meeting these businesses and talking to them in person will help secure them to YOU. They're less likely to just break contract, stop paying you, etc when they know it's YOU they're talking to, and that it is YOUR company, not some big advertising conglomerate.

You want to meet your clients, you want to be a little sales-y, you want to be able to generate business for yourself and if you're just timid and don't want to do the work or go out of the house to meet people or set things up, you're just wasting your time and everyone elses.

Yes, you can make money by not ever seeing clients, I'm very sure of it. But Why do that? Why not take an extra five minutes to protect the investment (if you can, I understand distance can be a factor) and chat with them? Get them on skype if you have to, but chat with these people to let them know you're real. It makes everyone feel good in the end.

I suppose the entirety of this rant is this: It doesn't matter what you do, most businesses will know you're trying to sell them something the second they get a letter, postcard, video, etc from you. They KNOW. You can make yourself less of an annoying salesperson in their eyes, and make yourself a friend. But you're still a salesman and they know it.

Just thought I'd rant a bit.
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    If I recall correctly, this is the General forum, where general things go generally for people to see because it could be helpful for anyone.

    Where people ask questions and refuse to go back in time to see if the questions have already been answered and the like.

    This is also where little diatribes like mine go to find purchase on the people just scanning the main forum, here, for whatever what have you information.

    Glad you like it and have the same complaints.


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    Excellent post. I agreed with everything you said.
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      I agree with everything you said too. The problem is, if the words "Selling" and "Meet with clients" is in any information product, it simply won't sell.

      I just got off the phone with a client that wants to give a speech on POD books on Amazon using Createspace. She wanted to use words like "publish" and "book selling". I said "You have to make this sound effortless and free. The closer you can get to 'Plant free magic beans...get rich' the better."

      Imagine selling a course called "Get Twice As Rich By Working Twice As Hard".
      Or "Just do these 137 steps to high Youtube placement" (something I actually do). NOBODY would buy. So I forgive a little hype.

      And as long as the content is useful (and it usually is) then I'm a happy camper.

      But yes, selling is what it takes to make good money with offline clients.

      $50? maybe no real contact or selling. $6,000? Yup. Selling and hand holding required.
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        at the end you're going to have to do a very salesman-like thing when you meet the client, and that's to sell yourself to them and ask for the sale.

        I like meeting people but I hate feeling like a salesman (although I sold carpets, kitchens, advertising and print stuff for years). But you are so right, everyone who wants to take money from someone has to be willing to meet them at some point.

        The weird thing is most people you meet are really nice , I have more PITA conversations with family members than I do with people I am talking business to.

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