Cold Calling Journal - Selling Mobile Websites

by mil0x
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I will be taking the plunge this coming Monday.. I can't afford to keep procastinating because I have to make one sale next week.
I will be doing 200 [manual] dials per day and more if I can't seem to find my flow.

I'm scared as hell of the phone so I made 20 'warm-up' calls yesterday.. I know that 20 is nothing to judge of.. but that scared feeling I had, was gone by the time I was at call 8. I was actually quite content with myself that I had finally picked up the phone.. mainly because I'm kind of a socially awkward person - which is what got me into IM in the first place. So reaching out and actually having human contact is a big deal to me I know it may sound strange.. but really if I can do this.. I'm a 1000% sure anyone can.

I will be going for phone closing as I'm not in the position to make appointments.
I will be posting up my script for you guys to critique in a few hours..
I'm in an EU-country BTW so I will be translating it, may seem odd in a couple of places. Prices mentioned will be in €
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    So, here's the SCRIPT -
    Me: Hi, this is [name], is this a bad time to call?
    Owner: No.
    [If owner says yes - Alright, is there a time that suits you better? We help businesses to get more clients out of the mobile market].
    Me: [Prospect name], we help businesses to get more clients out of the mobile market. [Prospect name], I was just wondering if you've ever browsed your website from a mobile phone?
    Owner: .....
    Me: Alright, I couldn't help but notice that you don't have a mobile version of your website. What this means to your visitors is that they're experiencing very slow load times, cluttered information and menu's. In a nutshell its not user friendly AND you're losing a lot of clients because of this. Google penalizes businesses that don't have a mobile version by putting them lower in the search results.
    [Prospect name], did you know there are [xxx] people searching for a [niche] in [city] every month from their mobile phone?
    Owner: .....
    Me: So that's [xxx] potential customers.. that's a lot of revenue you're losing, right?
    Owner: .....
    Me: Luckily we can help you!
    We build you a mobile website that matches the style of your current website, and, quite obviously, is tailored to the needs of mobile users.
    With only one tap on a button they will be able to call you, locate you and see what your opening hours are.
    This way you're reaching out to a whole new type of clients, now and in the future.
    This solution we're offering you now really is a lot cheaper than you might think.
    I assume that you're interested in attracting a part of those [xxx] people we talked about earlier as your clients and to offer a better user experience to your existing clients?
    Owner: .....
    *** PRICE ***
    Me: I talked with a business owner yesterday and he told me that he paid 1000€ for his mobile site. Now, I won't go stating that is ridiculous, but it is VERY expensive. With us you'll usually invest 500€ for a mobile site, however we have a special deal going on for this week where you only pay €395
    Me: OK, great. There's just a few things I need to know now:
    - the logo that is up on your current website, are you happy with it?
    - do you want to keep the color scheme currently present on your website?
    - in which year did you found your business?
    - is the address I have here [say the address], correct?
    - to which e-mail address can I send the invoice?
    OK, that's it for now. As soon as we've received your payment we will start working on your site and its usually finished within 3-4 days. We will give you updates during this process.
    Is there any question that you'd like to ask me?
    OK, great talking to you and have a nice day.

    I must say I haven't really thought about rebuttals yet. If they instantly give a negative response, I just let them go. If I notice they're interested and I've gone through my pitch but something's holding them back, I will be trying to uncover their problem(s).

    I know that a script needs to be tested first, but I'm wondering if there's any feedback you guys can already give me..
    Philosophy behind the script is this:
    - get them involved in the call by starting off with a question.
    - after that question, make them think and realize they have a problem.
    - uncover the pain, revenue they're losing out on, current customers that get a crap experience from visiting their site.
    - offering the solution ''that really is cheaper than you might think"
    - ending with a tie-down that really leaves them no answer but ''yes'' if they aren't total jerks.
    - committing them in the close by asking questions about this project they'll invest in. Logo/colors/what year/address correct/any other info etc.

    I must note again that I'm in an EU-country and business is done here by sending invoices that are then paid through bank transfer by the owner. We don't 'do' credit cards/checks, even Paypal is not really known.

    Again, any feedback is appreciated
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    Move your questions about features up above your discussion about price.

    If they answer those positively, now you have their buy-in on why this is important. And you won't be competing on price.
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      Jason got pm and signed up.

      Thank you cannot pm yet so posting on here.Thanks
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    Good luck,i also really need to hit the phone but am also very nervous about it.
    So good luck and keep us updated if you have the time when you pull all that work in.
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    I am very interested in hearing your outcome from this. I typically don't do cold calling and I too am very nervous with calling people.

    Did you try different scripts with your first 20 warm up callers?
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    That's the good thing about having your own can sound like a total idiot and no one would know. No being recorded or micro-managed and you learn as you go. You seem like you are on the right track and if you don't give up I'm sure you will do great!
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    I'm in the same boat as you; only I'm offering a lot more then mobile websites. I'm far too nervous to really pick up the phone and call everyone in town; but I'll be starting Monday as well. I've got a few leads of interested people, so that helps to my advantage a bit.

    Best of luck!
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    Good Luck! I am going to be doing the same this coming monday! I am as well nervous about calling but F*$k it. Gotta do what it takes to bring in that cash.

    I'll be starting off in cities about 350+ miles away so I'll be forced to only make Call Closes/Phone Closing, strictly.

    The reason, why I am interested in this is because there is really no reason why there should be any need to meet up. Business owners are busy running their business and don't have time to meet up at a scheduled time as things always happen and customers come in. I want to save myself the time and hassle. I figure as well, if you are a national/nationwide company you would strictly do only phone closes.

    I'll end up saving my local area calling once I am comfortable closing.
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    mil0x, don't start by asking if they have time to talk. They will instantly spot you as a telemarketer and say no.

    You should lead with you second line, "We help businesses to get more clients out of the mobile market. "

    Hi, my name is blank, with (your company). We work with businesses to generate more revenue from clients out of the mobile market. I noticed you do not have a mobile site and wanted to ask you a few questions to make sure what I do is right for you.
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    I think by tweaking that a bit you will be on to gold
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    Guys I'm going to give away a little gold for ya. Rather than calling and immediately going into your presentation go thru the back door. Appeal to the mans interest by asking questions about his business the minute he picks up the phone.

    "Hello Jerry are you the owner of Cool Carpet cleaners?
    (Yes, how can I help You?
    Could you tell me do you do large commercial accounts?
    (Oh yes we sure do)
    Well, maybe you could tell me how tight your present schedule is?
    (We stay pretty busy but we can always handle more)
    So if I was to bring you say 4 or five new jobs per week you could handle that?
    (Sure No problem)
    Well Jerry your a life sent. My name is XXXXXX would you right that down for me? My number is 555-1212 I'm actually about 50 miles away from you but I would like to discuss how we might be able to do some business have you got a few more minutes?

    OK I think you get the idea.

    Don't call your prospect trying to sell him something only we know he wants and needs. Get the conversation going because there is something in it for HIM not you.

    Just a little help from an old marketer
    Get the Free Training You Need to Become an Offline Marketing Expert. Learn how we make getting local clients easier and how to keep them longer.

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    MilOx when your making your call always keep in the back of your mind to you calling this business owner because you want to do business with him not sell him something. I'm sure when you call a business to buy there product or service your not nervous. That's because your in control of the of the sales process you have the uper hand because your the one spending the money. If you approach ever call with that attitude you will com off more like a client than another sales guy. I use this approach all the time and I close 80% to 90%.

    Good luck and PM me with your results
    Get the Free Training You Need to Become an Offline Marketing Expert. Learn how we make getting local clients easier and how to keep them longer.

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