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Does anyone that sells their SEO services have a company website that shows what they offer?

I am in the process of building mine and want some input on this subject.

Please feel free to link your sites because I want to know what type of sites people use for potential clients to see....

Thanks ahead of time.
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    Are these potential clients going to be local for the most part? I'd take a look at your local competition if I were you. Tony Robbins says it best: "If you want to be successful, find someone who has achieved the results you want and copy what they do and you'll achieve the same results."

    It's worth a shot:
    Let me google that for you

    Best Regards,
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    I have a website, but am always testing things.
    Currently, I am testing the effect my website has.
    I have a "coming soon" page up. I am determining how necessary it is.
    I mean, I know its necessary, but I don't want a newbie to use it as an excuse to take action.
    Spyder Consultants | (616) 777-7622 | Your Internet Marketing Firm

    I can still do work on the backend of my site, but no one can see it. Only me.
    When I am done with that, I will compare the results.
    I will say I know I am loosing some sales as a result, but that's okay with me.
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    I find videos work awesome to convey your point and business system. People like visuals, even more than text. It can defiantly help
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    One thing I find very important is having a portfolio - for any services. Clients want to see that they are purchasing a service that works. My portfolio page is one of the most view pages, and I've had many clients mention they were impressed with my website.
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    You need show your existing client profile to prove that your service is good as promise which they might me in higher search keywords or high PR. Real case study or your existing customers is encourage. In the same time do put some client review toward your service as well.
    Share your USP or your SEO services compare to others and how you make it without any blackhat or google sandbox issues and how you able to get the search ranking in the short time.
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