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Hey guys,

I always get some of the best ideas from here, so I thought I'd bring up a topic I've been thinking about. Now my business specifically will be a little different to most of the people here, but the ideas might still be relevant.

Basically, I'm running a business as a wholesale supplier of drainage products. Now recently, a friend of my brother in law offered to have our flyers in his Tiling shop, and just about a week ago we actually received a sale referred from him.

So that got me thinking, what are some ways I can go into other stores and create value for them, so that they would be willing to advertise my business. I thought about simply saying that when we sell any of our products, I could hand the customer their flyer/business card and let the customer know that they can always visit them for any Tile supplies. But then I also thought, If I approach a few different businesses, I can't be handing out multiple different company flyers/business cards to my customers. I would see that as a little unethical.

So, basically looking for some ideas on what I can offer. Obviously, my first plan of attack is to see if the Tile shop are actually interested in stocking our product, and if not, the second option is some form of cross advertising if possible.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    I bet midasman09 could give you some great advice on this.

    Some things that you could do are

    put thier business cards on the counter near your cash register or wherever you have your customers check out. But then they would only have your business card in the same place. Not the most effective but could be a start.

    If they have an email list you could see if you can put an ad in their email list promoting your products. You could work out a deal where for every sale they could get a cut.

    Or if you have an email list of your clients then you could offer to put an ad about their store in your email list, and you get a cut for every sale.

    Even if you go to multiple companies you don't have to give out their business cards/flyers to every single customer. You could rotate them.

    So if you had 5 company flyers then customer #1 would get business #1's flyer, customer #2 would get Business #2's flyer, etc.

    Or if you think like Midasman09 what you could do is have one large flyer with ad space for 6-8 different companies. Then what you would do is go around to different companies and tell them that you hand each of your customers this flyer, and if they wanted they can either pay you for a space on this flyer, or get free ad space in exchange for them handing out your flyers to their customers.

    Do a search for midasman09 and read some of his posts. he's got some good ideas.
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    You can consider putting up a billboard near your counter and putting their fliers or some of their ads and promotions on there. That way your customers will see it. When a customer looks at it, you can always say something like: "Those are the companies we work with and trust." or something along those lines. Most of the time, if a customer trusts you, they will trust who you trust.

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    Thanks for the suggestions. The idea of having one bigger flyer with different adverts on it sounds good.

    About displaying their adverts on our counter.. We don't actually have a walk in office, so that's out of the question.
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