Is passing out flyers actually reliable?

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I've been designing websites for about 6 years. I want to target specific companies in specific cities. Would making flyers garner me any results (what ratio, possibly)? And.. if so, should I hand them out in person and actually try to sell my services in person? Or, just drop the flyers off on their property?
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    As the owner and designer of your company I think you would have good results walking around offering your services. Flyers do have some positive results, but if you're going to pass them out you should definitely try to talk to the business owners while you're there. It's a great way to get some 1 on 1 with different businesses and sell your services.
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      I would not use a flyer, unless it came with a letter. One company I
      did some copywriting for sent out 100s of B2B flyers and did not
      get one response.

      I created a campaign that started with a letter, then called, then emailed.

      Within 2 months we signed on $98,000 in jobs. We sent 80 letters.

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        p.s. ImagineMonkey, I like your designs and it could be a service
        I can work with in my niche. Let me know if you're interested

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