Good Idea? or Bad Idea? Please advise!!

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Hello Warriors,

I am hoping for some good sound advice.

I have FINALLY started taking action on a WSO that is a perfect 'Business Model" fit for Me.

Website and sales page all done and I am now ready to start prospecting.!!!!

I am going to be using Linkedin groups as my main prospecting method.

Here's my dilema.

Suddenly in my 'real job' (realtor) I am getting really busy. That is great but I don't want to lose momentum on my offline project and just watch it fail.

Do you think it is ok to hire someone from Odesk to access my linkedin account and send the emails for me??:confused:

They are pre-written so just copy and paste to Owners of groups in my niche.

My goal was for 200 a day and as of now I am 0

Would this be legal??

Thanks for any feedback.
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