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For those of you who haven't been to seekBromance.com yet, it's a web-based business that currently markets to the entire U.S., and with luck, I hope to take it international later.

The target market is men of any age, marital status, and other demographic. The value proposition is that the site lets them discover other men in their area who share common interests, and who are also looking for more male friends.

Given that I don't have a national TV budget, what are some less expensive offline promotional tactics that will get more guys to join and participate?
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    Ok let me give you my thoughts and ideas.

    1. I hate the name. I understand it but still feels "wrong". And I can only imagine what someone who is homophobic will think.

    2. Honestly I think the idea behind this is pretty solid. And there are a ton of ways to market this.

    3. Site needs a redesign. It doesn't make me want to log in. First picture screams corp website not hanging with bros. Think hanging with your friends. Have the picture rotate randomly.
    Ideas for pictures to use:
    Guys working on car
    Cars at the drag strip
    Guys watching the game on TV
    Guys at bar
    Guys at bar watching the game
    Guys at a baseball game(in the stands)
    Guys playing softball or baseball
    Guys playing video games
    Two or three guys checking out a girl as she walks by
    A few guys on the couch with a woman in the background bringing them drinks
    Multiple man caves: basement, garage, etc; Make sure all have two or more guys in the pics.
    Group of guys at a construction worksite
    etc etc

    4. Log in? I don't think it's needed. Let people view and search before logging in like a lot of dating sites do. If the site seems cool they will join.

    5. Maybe multiple micro sites that feed into the main:
    College theme
    High School theme
    Sports them (maybe multiple by sport)
    Retirement theme
    Big city professional theme(lawyers, wall street, etc)

    FYI just searched and allmybros.com is available. IMO this is a much better name for the main site.
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      Seek bromance? Sounds like a gay dating site. Suggest you change it to that and sell it.

      Surely men are more likely to be seeking a mate or buddy as you say in America.

      So something like buddyseeker.com would be better.

      In fact, it is better!

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      • Wouldn't work as a gay dating site. "Bromance" is widely understood to mean a hetero friendship - and gay guys are as aware of this fact as anyone. (Besides, I think the regular dating market is fairly well saturated. Why start or even try to sell yet another such site?)

        I definitely like the idea of having several more well-chosen photos for the splash page.

        At any rate, this being the offline marketing area, are there any ideas for offline promotion tactics that you can think of?

        Bros find strictly platonic dudes on seekBromance.com
        "It's pretty simple. You work hard, you believe anything is possible, and you try to make the world better."

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    Seek bromance ? Wasn't that a song?
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  • Yes; the site took its name from the name of the song.

    Bros find strictly platonic dudes on seekBromance.com
    "It's pretty simple. You work hard, you believe anything is possible, and you try to make the world better."

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    You can try doing classified ads, this is still one of the best offline marketing tool.
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