Need Help with a "Work Agreement" or Contract

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I am selling advertising spots on a giant postcard (Bob Ross' idea!) and already have some businesses interested, but I just need some sort of Work Agreement (more to cover myself and seem more professional) to give to my clients.

I was wondering if this needs anything added?:
__________________________________________________ ________
Today's Date

__My Name__ at __My Company__ agrees to provide __My Client__ at __MyClient'sCompany__ with the design, printing, and delivery of _Quantity_ postcards for __$Amount Charged__.

Anticipated date of delivery is __future date__. If this is brought forward or delayed, __My Company__ will provide at least 48 hours notice.

My Name Date Customer Name Date
My Signature Customer Signature

__________________________________________________ __________

Thank you for your help!
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    Do you have enough to pay a lawyer? If so use one.

    If not google ones online and modify.

    Then after you do the first post card get a lawyer to do one for you.
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    Or barter a spot with an attorney
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    Thanks for the ideas guys
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    Depends on who wants the contract... them or you? I've did 6 figure ad deals on a hand shake and will continue to do them that way. But that depends on how the deals are structured.

    The only time I've ever really worried about contracts we were forced into them by investors. We had to restructure our deals over multiple years on contract because that was "valuable" to the banks. Paper (contracts) creates an asset that can be bought and sold. For some reason the investors didn't give a @#$% what our cashflow was... my 2 cents

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    Keep in mind it also depends on what you are doing for the client.
    I have agreements 16 pages long giving an overview of each step, but I also have a 2 page agreement for simpler services.

    Just make sure you outline what will be covered. So there is no confusion on either side.
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    i think both are very important.before doing work contact a clear,transparent and faithful agreemaent is essential.
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