How to market my friend's yoga/wellbeing business?

by ish
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Hi everyone,

I was speaking to a friend who comes in to perform yoga classes at the place where i work, and she said she wants to turn her yoga classes into a fully fledged business.

She wants to provide a total wellbeing solution for not just improving the health and fitness of their employees, but also their mental wellbeing, productivity aswell.

She has a website MindFit BodyFit: Business wellbeing ~ Employee wellbeing

She told me her goals were

1) The number of new website clicks to rise on a monthly basis. Thinking 20% increase month on month ie month 1 =100, month 2 = 120, month 3 = 144, month 4 = 173 etc.

2) the number of client enquiries received directly as a result of the website 10 and convert to actual business 1 a month where I go into the business and contract out my training services. The size of the contract could vary from a couple of hundred pounds to a few thousand and also the length of time wrapped up in it depending on the clients needs.

Longer term objectives? This is where stage 2 takes over and where the business will have a heavier reliance on website traffic; clients can purchase downloadable training products; clients to commission service providers directly and have access to an array of other wellbeing web sites and wellbeing apps.

She only uses twitter right now to spread the word of mindfitbodyfit and through her existing network of contacts.

How can i help market her new venture for her, and get her clients?

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    Update that website.
    Use video for branding and demonstation,instruction purposes. Create a video blog.
    Promise Big.
    Deliver Bigger.
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    She needs to cold call into businesses and sell a face-to-face appointment.

    Lots of moving parts and an unusual offer -- better explained in person as well as the options.

    Forget the PPC/SEO stuff -- my gut instinct is that companies aren't actively searching out expert fitness solutions -- you're going to have to go in and sell them on the benefits of the solution.
    David Duford -- Providing On-Going, Personalized Mentorship And Training From A Real Final Expense Producer To Agents New To The Final Expense Life Insurance Business.
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    Hello ish,

    I would recommend doing some good old fashioned power marketing.

    If your objective is to: Get her more residual customers (clients). I would recommend you use offline media as well as online media.

    Offline media resources:

    1) Yellow pages
    2) Direct mail
    3) Newspapers
    4) Radio, Tv, Billboards (less appropriate but - keep options open)

    For her website specifically -

    The focus should be on building a relationship-based list using the site as a gateway or "open-door".

    She should give away an eBook for free that tells the person exactly how to lose weight (even without using her service)

    Ironically - Free information that is that powerful will want people coming back for more - and that's the hook I would recommend you employ to help her drive her customers bananas.

    You have to cast out that live bait into the lake, and real in the fish.

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      One word, RESEARCH.

      Between the 2 of you,
      come up with data showing
      how yoga increases productivity.

      Needs to come from respected sources
      so they can be quoted to build credibility.

      This is then brought together into a
      document in which a water-tight case for
      yoga boosts employee productivity.

      Think of yourself as the trial lawyer
      getting a person off murder charges.

      Every reasoning goes into making the case for it.

      No stone is left unturned.

      Now that's put together,
      you create the bait for
      them wanting to read the document.

      Strong title and teaser bullet points
      are made to get the decision maker
      to want to read the story on staff productivity.

      This is what I call lowering the barrier to access the DM

      Instead of selling yoga, we are selling increased staff productivity,
      lower days off and lower staff turnover.

      They ALL affect the bottom line.

      It's critical to come up with bad news.

      And give the report title something like...
      __________________________________________________ ____
      5 Disturbing Trends For Staff Productivity And Their Implications
      __________________________________________________ ____

      This is how you get superior access to the DM.

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    Hahaha maaann.. the reason I am laughing is that I came across the same thing around 1 year ago.. It really drove me crazy..

    Anyhow I got simple solution for you; all you have to do is tell your client to create a flyer/brochure about relation between well being and yoga; how well beings affect work performance etc..

    Now you take the flyers and write your own marketing letter which will include a mini proposal to business owners; how your client can help their workers in increasing work performance, work environment etc.. use your brain to get some ideas.

    The next step is to target businesses who have "work life balance" policy; just google it and you will find tons. Send your letter to the director with the flyer enclosed.

    The companies that have work and life balance policy are big companies; you might not get a quick answer; so follow up with each director after 5 working days to ensure they had time to come across and read your letter or email.

    You will get a huge response if your clients' service is quite affordable. Managers/Ceos always look for ways to improve work performance of their employees; so make sure you relate how yoga improve well beings and how well beings in return affect work performance, work environment, family situations etc..

    GOod luck

    The aim of marketing is to make selling superfluous. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well that the product or service fits him and sells itself.....

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