Alexa Ranking decreasing - although traffic is increasing

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Hello All, I have one website whose alexa ranking(India) is decreasing since last one month it was 19000 in July 3rd week and now it is 34,000. although the traffic analysis from google analytics & awstats shows that the traffic is increasing.

I know alexa does not measure all data perfectly but still as per the traffic data I have it must be increasing and should have gone down from 19000 to somewhere around 18000 but it is not in India. I have to get a solution for the same.

In the mid time the Global Ranking was proper I mean it went to 226,431 from 227,215 but now it also went to 231,492

Can any one tell me exact reason for the same or any other solution for it.

my website is www-salenoffers-com please let me know what can I do to regain the previous position
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