What can I do long term as an offline business?

by ShaunQ
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Hi everyone.

Can I first say what a fantastic resource this forum is, and I am very thankful I found it! It is incredible that we have such a large number of extremely knowledgable and successful people here, who give their time to help others for free!

Recently I have been thinking alot about my future. A quick summary of my background is probably useful here. I've always been good at the business/finance subjects academically and I graduated in economics from a good uni. During my studies I always maintained I didn't want to get into finance, but guess what, when I graduated thats exactly where I went! I was working for one of the big 4 financial services firms for a couple of years, and became a part qualified chartered accountant. I failed an exam so left, which was fine by me as I hated it. I initially enjoyed the buzz of working for a prestigious company, but I found the work monotonous.

After leaving I joined a much more relaxed company. I worked in the finance department as an analyst. I quickly became bored there too and when the company went through some restructuring, redundancies were offered and I volunteered.

I worked in another finance office, but quit after 2 weeks. I hated it. The office lifestyle, the 9-5 grind. I thought to myself that this wasn't how life was supposed to be after uni. Even though in societies eyes I was doing fairly well for someone my age I didn't feel happy or motivated, and I swore then to never work in an office again in my life!

I was looking for a job that I could do remotely and that is how I stumbled upon this place, initially in the adsense section, but thankfully I graduated to here fairly fast. Finding this place I think is a big turning point in my life, as I know that there are ways to become financially independent without entering into the rat race that made me and so many others unhappy.

I've built myself a website which I am extremely proud of, and I am offering web design at the moment. I have found it fairly enjoyable, and I love the independence you have as well as the accountability. Compared to the chore of working in an office, this is almost fun. However I would say that whilst it has given me some insight into running a business it isn't something I would want to do long term. That is not to criticise anyone who wishes to do so in the slightest, it just isn't for me long term! I'm not the best when it comes to being internet savvy, I don't know how to do SEO or anything like that, and having given it some thought I don't think I want to be.

So it has got me thinking about what other types of business I could start up from the internet. What type of businesses do other warriors run? I'm not the biggest salesman or marketer, and whilst I recognise the importance of that to any business owner, I am thinking of businesses outside of "online/offline marketing".

The one aspect of my previous jobs I did enjoy was doing analysis, specifically pricing analysis. The company sold thousands of products in hundreds of stores and I would go through the data and try to work out the best price point to sell a specific product at to maximise profit. Eg if we raise price by 10% we will lose 5% of the custom but will be increasing profitability still. I was trying to work out how I could do this type of work as a business but struggled. Firstly, smaller businesses probably wouldn't have access to the vast amount of data to make accurate predictions. Secondly, although based on sound analysis, my output was only a prediction which cannot be guarenteed, and a smaller business may not have the resources to survive any negative impact on business made by my analysis. And finally I don't know how willing they would be to hand their private info over to an external party such as myself, and it would be very unlikely they had it in database form which would make my life easier.

My strengths lie in business/finance type areas, but I can't quite work out the best way to enter into this industry as a small business looking for a niche. Obviously you guys can't tell me what I should do long term, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas of how to get started? As I grow I can then move into areas I find more rewarding and interesting, I suppose similar to starting out with web design and then expanding your operations into SEO and social media management.

If anyone has any thoughts that would be great, I would really appreciate hearing what they are!

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