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A great way to get great business ideas is to see who is already making money. Every year INC.COM comes out with their top 1000, you can break down these groups by employee size, growth, etc.

Look at the markets, see how it's moving, what can be done differently, or made better? faster, cheaper, better value.

I like like to look at the break through companies 1000%+ growth. A lot of good business ideas guys, just follow the money.

Is there room growth? Does it align with your skillset? Can you niche it?

Here is their report The 2012 Inc. 5000 List - Unified Payments through Wall Street Network Solutions |

... Cool finding of the day?

I found a company that puts things into perspective. They sell f'n tape! ducktape, electrical tape, F'n tapes lol, and they making 3 mill a year with 2 employees.

Gaffers Tape, Double-Sided Tape and More from
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