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Austin's Mutual Mobile grows into powerhouse in app development

This morning I came into the office and had a cold email from this company. And I am not sure why but unlike 99% of cold emails it caught my attention. Figured I would look up the company and see if it was a fellow warrior from this forum.

I was surprised to find this article.

What should you, I, and anyone that wants to offer services to business take away from this?

1. Just do it: They mention how the 5 founders started this business out of their homes in 09. Too often we see people here (myself included) waiting for the right moment to launch a service, company, or product. We want everything to be perfect. Let's stop trying to be perfect and realize that good is enough. As you and your business grows it will become better and better but it will never be "perfect".

2. Confidence sells: In their case they had the past clients to back it up. But at some point they had to make their first app. They had to land thier first client. And finally they had to land their first major account. These are all milestones that are similar to what every business must do.

And finally for everyone who wants to see the email that got my attention I will paste it below.

Forgive the intrusion, but I thought an email would prove less disruptive than an unexpected phone call.
I wanted to send a quick note to introduce you to our company, Mutual Mobile. We are a full-service agency specializing in mobile strategy, design, and engineering for companies committed to excelling in mobile. Our team can help expand your client portfolio and lead to significant increases in sales. Here are just a few reasons why Mutual Mobile would be the best choice for your company:
  • Superior Mobile Engineering Competency: Our mobile engineers are recruited nationally and are among the most seasoned developers in the industry. Unlike many what is often produced by marketing agencies, our code is built to last.
  • Proven Methodology: Having successfully managed dozens of multi-year mobile application programs for companies like Xerox, Audi, Cisco, and Google, we've developed a proven, formal methodology for delivering mobile applications that drive measurable business results.
  • Focus on Design: Our designer-to-engineer ratio is 1:2, compared to the typical 1:50 ratio of large IT consultancies. The result is incredibly polished mobile experiences.
If you'd like to learn a little more, I'd be happy to arrange a brief call with one of our mobile specialists to learn more about your current goals. Are you available to speak sometime this week or next?
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