10 Questions A Marketing Consultant MUST Ask Every Business Owner

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Hi everybody,

A lot of people may have heard the rather frivolous claim that you should strive to work "on" your business, rather than "in" it. Being a far more 'straight to the point' marketer, I've never really taken to that philosophy. Instead, I just want the business to make more money. A subtle difference maybe, but a major difference indeed.

With this in mind - I wanted to share with you 10 of the most important questions any marketing consultant should ask a business owner if they want to identify the gaping holes that are losing money for that business every day!

When I consult, my list of questions can range from 50 to 250 because the financial implications of knowing and understanding the "full-picture" can be both highly revealing and self evident.

I hate seeing promising businesses under-achieving and not delivering the income, security, profit and most importantly the wealth it's owners deserve. Especially, since the remedy is often so easily do-able. Frequently, I see that merely shifting your marketing stance, the strategy you implement and/or the money-making system you have adopted can actually double or even treble profits.

I've created this post to share with you some of the more important questions I ask, but business is dynamic and what works for one business might not work for another - with that said, I invite you to post your favourite and most explicitly revealing questions.

10 Questions You MUST Ask

1) How many referral generating systems have you formalized and put into action in your business?

2) Do you keep contact details and brief descriptions of every prospect and buyer your business has had?

3) Do you have any strategic alliances actively in place right now? Strategic Alliance = another business who's clients are the same 'type' as yours, so you are working together to bring their clients to you and your clients to them.

4) Have you calculated your allowable cost of acquiring a new prospect and/or clients and if "yes," do you invest up to that amount in your marketing efforts to acquire new buyers?

5) Do you have a backend sales funnel; meaning, you keep reselling clients far beyond their first purchase?

6) Do you use risk reversal to close sales and differentiate your business from your competitors?

7) Do you really think your marketing makes irresistible offers to your prospects?

8) Do YOU personally talk to your buyers, prospects, and clients regularly to learn what they want and then build a relationship with them?

9) Do you know the top five reasons why prospects don't buy from you? If yes...Do you have a compelling and persuasive way to overcome each of those five objections or resistance points?

10) Do you test every facet of your business and instead of guessing - do you allow the market to decide what they want and don't want?

For those of you who haven't noticed, although I'm confident most of you will have - these ten questions represent ten areas where business growth can be exponential.

In my experience I have never consulted a business where there was no room for improvement in one of these areas. Use these questions as grounding material for probing deeper into the problems and growth opportunities available.

I hope you get as much out of these questions as all of my clients...and I invite you to share your best questions.

Best of success, Michael
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    Great post! Thanks for sharing these questions. You are right I don't know of any business who isn't coming up short in any of these areas.
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    Thanks for sharing. It'll help.
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    Wow. Excellent questions. I'd be very surprised if a marketing consultant used these in a closing meeting and didn't end up getting a bigger deal than they or their prospect had planned to close that day.

    A prospect hearing all of this in one meeting will likely automatically want to open up about every other possible way they could use your expertise.

    Some will even go as far as asking for a quote to handle their OTHER businesses. I've found that many prospects out there have more than one and often times they prefer to wait to see how well you do with one or two before asking you to work on more, these questions may just push them over the edge even before a deal is closed at all ;-)
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    Great little list mate. Bookmarked for future reference

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    Sweet List!
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    I use something very similar to this.
    Mine also happen to flow in the way my consulting works as well... ;-)
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    Great list. I ask some of these, but your list is much more complete. These questions really grab a prospects attention and get them focused, not on what you are "Selling", but what kinds of solutions you can provide for them.

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    Nice work. Thanks for sharing.
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    Originally Posted by PennilessToProfitable View Post

    5) Do you have a backend sales funnel; meaning, you keep reselling clients far beyond their first purchase?
    Great questions there, thanks

    On point #5, when do you think is the perfect time to approach clients again and upsell them on a further product?
    • The very moment they sign a contract with you?
    • A few days after?
    • After they've seen some results?
    • When the contract completes?

    And how would you approach them, what would you say?
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    Excellent Questions!
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    Absolute GOLD post here. Hope you shared these so others can use them, because we certainly have room for them in our consultations!

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    This is very helpful . Thank you
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    Great list of questions, thanks for sharing.

    As a relative newbie I'd be very interested to hear any recommended sources for delivering products / solutions / advice on areas where the client either said no or wanted to improve on.

    I know there are tons of WSOs and other resources but sorting out the quality information can be very tricky, not to mention time consuming! For example, if the answer to No. 4 was "No" then how would you try to monitor this - something like Kissmetrics or have you seen any other good systems?
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