Where can I find small businesses numbers to Cold Call.

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Hello, I am in malaysia and want to start cold calling small businesses to sell them mobile websites. Where can I find small businesses numbers?

Also i dont have a home phone, is Skype a cheap way to call?
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    I have list of phone numbers you can call on
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    I appears like InfoFree is not Free. Is this the case?
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    no it's not free but it's 100% incredible
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    I also use jigsaw.com I like it because you can earn credits with a little work that keeps it free for me by editing outdated info that you find or adding contacts and business information that is not there.
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    Will you be making these yourself? Guessing yes.
    Can you fake an american accent? I am guessing no.

    Thus my advice. Find a US based person to partner with.

    US Businesses don't like cold callers to begin with and many hate talking to people in Asia on the phone. To them it reminds them of outsourcing which to the average american means lost jobs here at home. Also I think 95% of us in the US have had to deal with asian customer service calls where it is clear the guy on the phone has no clue how to help us. All of this frustration will subconsciously lead the prospects to not like you. So get an american(or someone who sounds american) to do the cold calls.
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    There can be no great success without great commitment.
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