How to put together a SEO proposal?

by ish
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Hi everyone,

Recently I contacted a UK manufacturing company that has designed a new software for managing manufacturing machines (sheet metal cutters) via twitter.

They have an old site and want it redesigned so it ranks in google to promote this new software.

Now I have never put together a seo proposal before and i just wanted your advice on the best way to put together a proposal...e.g where to do the keyword research, how to present the findings, pricing, and where to outsource the seo etc...

The owner of the company wants proof of other companies i have done seo for, but i don't have that since i have never ranked a clients site.

I have ranked an old affiliate site before that made me about $2700 in total commissions, which i sold earlier this year...should i show that as proof?
but how do i get historical ranking data since the site is not ranking in google anymore? I need screenshots of its position on google which i dont have.

any help would be appreciated...


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    Hi Ish,
    The first thing I would say is that you mention it’s a proposal, there for you would need to present then with some data, not necessary with the work you have done, just general data what could they could expected.
    When writing this so many people make the mistake of cramming in to much to the document that may be 20-50 pages thick, and they person will never read all just the figurers on the last page.
    All my proposal have been 8-10 pages long, and they bring in the business constantly.
    One of the reasons why this works, is by the time you have had your meeting the proposal has been read and you would know if you have the job.
    Don’t forget this is a proposal, its different from terms and conditions and the actual contract.
    Hope this helps
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      Originally Posted by jtchaschowy View Post

      Helpful blog
      Thanks for the mention. Hope the OP found it useful.

      If I could distill pages of posts into one simple thought it would be this: Discuss how you will solve the problem with the prospect (doesn't mean all the details, just the general approach, including proof points or other stuff that may not seem like it's part of the solution to you, but is when you are selecting a service provider). When you are in agreement about all the major points, ask if there's anything else. When there's nothing else, summarize the discussion in a proposal.

      That's it. Leave out the jargon and all the business-speak that many people feel obliged to put in. Don't apologize for your price, but position your price so that it's a great investment.
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    We put our proposals together nice, clean and simple. We typically offer a couple different packages with the duration and a list of what's included in each. Under the packages we have a section titled "Descriptions of Services" where we briefly explain each service.

    Remember the KISS (Keep it simple stupid) mentality when preparing a proposal. The last thing you want to do is confuse the business owner. Remember they are only interested (most of the time) in 2 things. The cost and the results. Everything else is just noise to them. If you can explain the cost and what results to expect you are golden.

    Hope that helps!

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    When writing the proposal we need 2 most important things 1 is how will you work and 2 is what is your experience so when writing your proposal you should get start with the stuff client required and then put some example work with it. Now as you said you do not have any example work for SEO go get any site from search engine from SEPR 4 or 5 and copy that in proposal in the end give them a small price of SEO and give them a lesser time they are thinking.

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    Ish, it looks like they are looking (understandably) for someone with a successful track record in the seo industry. Do you have that?

    It sounds like you don't.....I'm on your side but

    1. Why would you attempt the project without a track record?
    2. Why would they want you to (for the same reason)

    I've been consulting for years, though not in seo, and this looks like one of those that would go badly wrong.

    I think you'd be better being completely upfront about your lack of record and walk away from the job if they insist on it.

    I've taken work on like this in the past and it has always turned out badly where I'm attempting something without some successful history. Don't be tempted by the fees if you are not 100% confident you can get the result they are looking for.

    Making Calls To Sell Something? What are you actually saying?
    Is there any room for improvement? Want to find out?

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    @ Helisel, for a newbie like myself, do you recommend doing freebie jobs for track records or would you recommend simply not charging much at first?
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