$400 A Month from Pizza Joints

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Wow! Excuse me for jumping in ....again BUT....I just heard from one of my TV Channel Guide Dealers. He just hit his 20th Hotel with my "TV Channel Guides" (....and....I'm NOT "selling anything here" or "preparing for a WSO". Just wanted to show "newbies" or NON-Sales people here...HOW I get ideas for my money-making programs)

So....this guy who's about ready to lose his house asks if I could help him "make some money". I rattle off a bunch of my programs and...he stops me when I mention;


To back up a minute, here's how I came up with this one;

Around 6pm one eve, I was sitting in the lobby of a nice hotel, waiting for a friend to come down to go to dinner. I happened to notice a Domino's Pizza delivery guy deliverying a pizza....then a Little Caesar's....then a Figaro's.

THIS caught my "Marketing Eye". Here was a 100rm hotel....filling up with guests for the evening and....because hardly any of these "Travelers" bring FOOD with them....they start to get hungry around 6 and....rather than going to a restaurant, lots of them opt to "eat in their rooms".

They're been traveling and are TIRED.

So....I put myself INTO the body of one of these Travelers. They enter their room....
1) put their luggage down
2) go potty
3) pick up the Remote and see how the TV works.
4) when they see that the TV Channels in their room are different than the Channels at home....they look around for a "Channel Guide" or Phone the Front Desk and ask for one.

So....what if Little Ol' ME were to provide a Channel Guide IN THEIR ROOM!

That would save a lot of Calls to the Front Desk and provide more "service" to guests. And...what if MY TV Channel Guides were provided FREE to the Hotel. Would the Hotel let me put them IN their rooms?

And....what if I were to place a PICTURE of a "Mouth-Watering" PIZZA on these Channel Guides. Would a local Pizzeria be willing to PAY to be IN every room of this hotel?

You betcha, Charlie Brown....right on BOTH Counts.

So...I created another PostCard and started selling Ads on them. (See photo below)

With the result being....I now have many pizzerias paying me Monthly for my "service" of bringing them more business from Hungry Travelers staying
in local Hotels.

Take a look at the PostCard I use.

So...once again, I hope I've inspired some of you and showed "How easy it is to come up with Money-Making Ideas.

Don Alm....Idea-Guy

NOTE: We charge $150/mo PER hotel...if the Pizza Biz only wants 2 Hotels = $300/mo to Pizzeria. If they take the "4 Hotel program" it's $100/mo PER Hotel = $400/mo to Pizzeria.
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    Dude, you are an absolute asset to this forum. Love your posts and ideas.

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    Over 800 Amazon Reviews for $1 - No way?

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    That is a cool ass idea man. Thanks a lot for sharing it.

    Did any of the hotels give you any grief at all, or were they pretty happy to let you do this? I can see a few being suspicious for whatever reason....although it shouldn't be a big deal.
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    I can't see the picture. Anyway you can post it or PM with it?
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    Very cool concept! Have you had pushback from corporate hotels or hotels with restaurants?


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      Yet again another inspirational post. Just wanted to say thank you for sharing your ideas with us all!
      "There are no magic wands, no hidden tricks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy, and determination you can get there."
      -- Darren Rowse, Founder - Problogger
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    The attachment is just spinning for me.
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      Originally Posted by PerformanceMan View Post

      The attachment is just spinning for me.
      It did the same for me- right click it and click 'Open in a new tab". Worked for me.


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    Now that's what you call thinking outside of the box!

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    I love this post... very genuine and real-world creative marketing thinking! It's beautiful, thanks for the genius idea midasman09!

    Kevin Krebs
    Offline Marketing Specialist
    Lifeshine Marketing, LLC

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    Great idea. Repeatable concept. Thanks for share.
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    Excellent post. There are a few spin offs you could also work in along with pizza joints - any local food place that delivers would be great as well.

    Also, a list of local entertainment - ex: pool halls, arcades, mini golf, bars with music, (nearby within a mile or two) would also be a great way to fill the backside of the TV Guide card. If you're in an area with a lot of activity places you really can maximize the profits.

    Didn't want to hijack the thead just the creatve ideas started flowing thought I'd add to an already great method of thinking outside the norm.

    Don't focus on the money - focus on the plan!

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    cool thanks for sharing
    Whatever your mind can conceive and BELIEVE you can achieve
    Follow me on Twitter - @DineroConPc
    I talk about Affiliate Marketing Methods
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    great idea, have you signed up any multinationals or hotel chains? did any give you grief as lots of hotels here in the UK have their own restaurant, 24 hour room service etc?
    thanks for posting its a good start to my week :-)
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      My experience has been....the "Cheap" hotels (Motel 6, Super 8 and the $25 a night places are the BEST for Pizza Orders)

      Travelers staying at Fancy-Schmancy places would rather go OUT to a fancy-schmancy restaurant.

      However....the El-Cheapo places bring the MOST pizza biz!

      Don Alm....I recently did a Test with a Holiday Inn vs a "El-Grunje-O". The 30 room "El-Grunje-O" bought 10 pizzas a night. The 90 rm Holiday Inn Express bought 10 pizzas a week!

      Don Alm
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    You have proved here, that an idea make a business great. Investment is not the primary requirement. Totally like it.
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