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Hello Warriors,

I just took an outside sales position with a remodeling company that is very reputable and has been in business for 45 years. However...they do not do alot of internet marketing, they have a facebook but it only has 220 likes so I know they do not do facebook PPC and I think they do very little if any Google PPC and there SEO is on the 1st page but not at the top for alot of keywords. They get most of there customers through word of mouth, trade shows, and mailers.

I was wondering if I should talk with the manager about maybe setting up my own PPC and facebook campaigns so I can generate my own leads. But I don't want to interfere with the company and do anything I shouldn't be doing. I get an extra 5% commission if I generate my own leads.

Does anybody have any experience in the Home Remodeling business and have any ideas on how to generate leads online in this niche? Also, any ideas on how to talk to my manager about running some new online marketing campaigns without offending him?

Thanks for any help!!
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    I myself would never have a problem with one of my sales people marketing for his own leads as long as he wasn't competing with my own marketing which in this case you wouldn't be.

    Run it past your boss and you should be good to go.
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    Thanks Aaron, I appreciate that....yea they already have a Facebook Fanpage but that is for the entire business. They are starting me out in the bathroom area so I was thinking about creating a bathroom Fanpage for my Company and then running Facebook PPC ads by geo targeting those ads in upscale communities because this is a high end product...then maybe teaching and reaching out to the new fans of the page about how our product could benefit them...and maybe eventually getting some of them to allow me to come over for a free consultation....

    Does this sound like it could work...or maybe a waste of time?

    I am also thinking of making and ranking youtube videos on our bathroom products for certain keywords as well as Google PPC.....maybe sending this traffic to a landing page and having them fill out their name, phone number, and email address in return for a free series or ebook on bathroom remodeling....

    What do you think? All opinions are welcome.

    Thanks again!

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    I have not done marketing in your business so other with experience marketing that industry might do better with advice here.

    But here is what I would do.

    1. Set up a personal webpage(if they will allow it) for your sales.
    2. Using Google PPC send business that way.
    3. Put yourself up on Facebook as "Aaron at Business Name"
    4. Start up a youtube channel for yourself.

    The key here is to build brand awareness of "Aaron at Business Name" so they call you.

    Once i had the basic set up I would use the following offline methods.
    1. Direct Mail (look into bob ross for great basics) and target neighborhoods where you are most likely to find clients.
    2. Consider cold walking these neighborhoods about a week after the piece drops.
    3. Bandit signs for yourself when you close deals and also in areas you are targeting.
    3a. During the cold walking if you see a great house to place a bandit sign during the conversation bring it up. 'Thank you for your time Mr. Blank. I hope when you are ready for remodels you keep me in mind." Turn to walk away, stop, turn back. "You know I have one last question. Your home has a great location in this neighborhood. I wonder would you be willing to let me put up a sign in your yard for say a month to help build awareness of the services I offer?" If the person liked you but just didn't need any services right now they may just say yes. If they say you remind them of a grandson or that they have a single granddaughter/etc these are clear signs they like you. Never be afraid to ask them to help get you business.

    Now a lot depends on how much leyway they give you to drum up your own leads and if the ROI makes it worth doing.
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    Awesome!! Thanks Aaron...that really helps!! I am actually going to run by all these ideas to my manager...this is only my 3rd week here so I do not know how much leway they will give me. They do provide me with leads and set appointments but if I generate my own leads I get 15% commission rather than 10% commission.

    They do a mailer every Nov and Dec and one in the Spring....i dont think they want to do more than that because of fear of annoying customers. But I like your ideas for bandit signs....and will ask my manager about that.

    I also like your idea for: Aaron at Business Name for the fanpage and capture pages and youtube channels. I am going to run that by them as well before I do anything.

    I just figure...why wait for them to come up with the leads for me and why not be proactive and use my internet marketing skills/ideas to generate some leads for myself....but I think this company is just now coming into the new marketing generation because they rely heavy on trade shows, telemarketing, direct mail and word of I think I am going to have to do some convincing that this stuff works...

    Thanks again, I appreciate it!

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      You might get in touch with RedShifted. He's done a lot of work in home remodeling. He's found craigslist to be a really good source of leads if you scale it up significantly (don't think you can just place an ad and wait for leads to come in). He has said that most construction companies place really terrible ads on craigslist. If you do a good job, it can be a great source of leads.
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    Awesome....Thanks Tim I will definitely do that! Yea, I thought of Craigslist before but didnt know if I should mess with it or if my company would let me do that. But it def seems worth a shot and its free. I will try to get ahold of RedShifted.

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