Here's a small but powerful tip for your LinkedIn profile

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When creating/editing your LinkedIn profile there is a section called "Websites" which can be found under the "Additional Information" Section.

When you click on "edit" to add your website(s), you can add up to 3, there will be a drop-down list from which you can choose from.

The list contains:

- Personal Website
- Company Website
- Blog
- Rss Feed
- Portfolio
- Other

Most LinkedIn users will choose either personal website or company website. But, this is NOT what you should be selecting. Instead, you want to select "Other"! Why? Because, when you select "Other" from the drop-down list, a new field will open up called "Website Title". Now, instead of a link on your profile titled "Company Website" or "Personal Website" you can have a link on your profile with your keyword or an intriguing website title!

For example, if you sell SEO Services, wouldn't you rather have a link on your profile that says "Get To The Top Of Google!" which links back to your website, instead of a boring link that says "Company Website"?

Plus, this strategy is great for backlinking and SEO for your website!

Hope this makes sense, but if you have any questions...please don't hesitate to ask!
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