(24 hours left) FREE Gift for Offline Warriors

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ATTENTION; I'm taking down the link to this product in 24 hours
(Exactly 8:30am central time, Tuesday Oct 15th)

A while back I created a referral guide for offline businesses... I
actually sold a few hundred of them.

I have decided to give the Offline Forum the PLR for the hell
of it. Use it as a tool, not as a product.

You can brand it and use it to build lists, or to give to potential
clients to show them you are an expert in client acquisition.

Whether you sell consulting, mobile, rep management, SEO or whatever,
offline small businesses will LOVE this.

You get the guide in Word doc. My 'quick reference checklist', the
banner and ebook cover.

enjoy and more importantly, PUT IT TO USE!


* Can be used to build lists
* Can be branded
* Can be altered
* Can be given away

* Can't be sold in any way
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